Simpsons creators Matt Groening makes new comedy series for Netflix.Simpsons creators Matt Groening makes new comedy series for Netflix.

Matt Groening as the maker of the popular long-time series The Simpsons is developing a new animated series for Netflix.

The new comedy series Disenchantment is for adults and should much gloomy fail with a biting sarcastic humor than his previous series successes Simpsons or Futurama. Rather, the humor will go in the direction of the current Netflix series BoJack Horseman more.

New series with drunken princess, elves and trolls

The plot is described as follows: An alcohol very inclined towards princess named Bean lives with their buddies Elfo the Elf and her personal demons Luci in a magical realm called Dreamland. In the many chaotic adventures numerous fantasy figures such as ogres, trolls, harpies, fairies, Densities, walruses and "numerous human idiots," will play a role.

"In the end, it will go into Disenchantment of life and death, love and sex and about how we keep in a world of suffering and idiots our laughter despite what the elders and wizards and other sucker tell you."

First season goes on Netflix in 2018 at the start

Netflix has for a Disenchantment first season with ten episodes ordered that should go next year to the start. A second season with ten episodes is planned.

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Matt Groening is behind the successful series The Simpsons, which is already being aired on FOX since 1989 and in the fall with the 29th season and over 600 episodes continues. His animated series Futurama was discontinued in 2013 after seven season.