Just Cause 3 - test video for explosive open-world KracherJust Cause 3 - test video for explosive open-world Kracher

Depreciation due to technical problems:
The PC version of Just Cause 3 is not lieft round on all of our test systems, we evaluate the game therefore seven points from. Among the problems that we have encountered, are sporadic crashes, burglaries frame rate despite faster hardware and graphics errors. AMD models are more affected than graphics cards from Nvidia, generally you should use the latest drivers. Also playing in the offline mode of Steam can remedy the Internet, according to reports. In our separate technical checks to Just Cause 3 we'll talk more about the problems.

Rico "Can we blow up?" Rodriguez is back and has a brand new playground found in Just Cause. 3 The answers to the name Medici is a Mediterranean island small groups with typical series dictators problem. General Di Ravello has the small state firmly in his sausage fingers - mainly because there is a rare miracle commodity called Bavarium can be degraded.

Rico "The despot is dead soon," Rodriguez has since naturally something about it, rolls to be almost invulnerable one-man army through the holiday paradise and beyond typical series all in the air, he looks just wrong. The logical and better sequel, then?

Yes and no. For as much as mood also makes the orgy of destruction, for the open-world Olymp missing developer Avalanche also at the third attempt the decisive meters.

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Just Cause 3
On Medici Rico »Krach Bumm" Rodriguez does again what he does best: chasing stuff in the air!" data-lbx-number ="1"><b>Just Cause 3</b><br>On Medici Rico »Krach Bumm
Just Cause 3
As part of a city liberation we chase a propaganda van into the air. see even such small explosions of class!" data-lbx-number ="2"><b>Just Cause 3</b><br>As part of a city liberation we chase a propaganda van into the air. Even such small explosions look great!
Just Cause 3
A lot of fun: flying with the new wingsuit." data-lbx-number ="3"><b>Just Cause 3</b><br>A lot of fun: flying with the new wingsuit .

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The hero's new toys

The obvious new feature to the second part are Rico's new toys. At the most fun is the wingsuit. slides at your fingertips Rico "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? "Rodriguez afloat through the air. This makes getting around a real spectacle, however degraded most kaperbaren vehicles schmückendem accessories.

Just Cause 3 starts due krachig. We surf on a light aircraft and shoot with a rocket launcher on everything that is not in three out of sight.Just Cause 3 starts due krachig. We surf on a light aircraft and shoot with a rocket launcher on everything that is not in three out of sight.

Even the practical grappling hook by Rico "Get over here!" Rodriguez got an upgrade donated. Now we can fire more lines and thus bind together even more objects and also also seek the ropes again by pressing a button.

A practical example: Rogue on watchtower plus house opposite wall plus grappling hook gives the opponent a painful flight with the head against the wall. Not so convenient but extremely funny example: Dead deer plus grappling hook plus driving car - or cow plus grappling hook plus wind turbine ... the possibilities of practical jokes, are endless.

In addition, Avalanche Studios have bolted to many small details of the game mechanics. Thus Rico "My hobby is surfing on fighter jets," Rodriguez are now available not only to vehicles but also around traipse freely thereon. The handling of the glider works a bit better. All the tweaking has as a result that we can now perform the craziest stunts even faster and more intuitive.

Combined with a growing arsenal of bleispuckendem and explosive tool Rico is "I'm Chuck Norris 'illegitimate son," Rodriguez' work has become even more fun. Also contributes to the new, darn picturesque scene in his mite.

Medici is an immensely picturesque world with pretty Italianate coastal town, rocky landscapes and one (which was mentioned in passing) really worth seeing swell between the islands. But we have to blow up not for sightseeing here, but things in the air.

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Always online?
Just Cause 3 is an always-on principle to see the player at all times actual results and new records of friends. The unpatched version of the game behaved extremely stubborn when the connection broke off and made for each change to the pause menu or to the map of the game environment more (long) attempts to hook again on the servers of Square Enix. Thanks to a patch the penetrating Dialup fall now gone but.

Jag the island in the air

Rico "My last name does not sound Italian but" Rodriguez gets early in the game of rebel leader and childhood buddy Mario a precise indication of what he will do in the course of his adventure mainly:!?! "No matter what you destroy, we rebuild it again!"

On Medici Rico »Krach BummOn Medici Rico »Krach Bumm" Rodriguez does again what he does best: chasing stuff in the air!

Well then let's serve the rebellion! Finally, over one hundred occupied towns and military posts are distributed back to Medici. To free from the embrace of plump Di Ravello, we need to work through each is a small list of destruction.

In military bases that is, for example: Destroy three antenna towers, two power generators and pursue the tanks into the air. In settlements for example, we fight over billboards, activate under time pressure a series of switches on the rooftops, open the gates of the police station for the rebels or simply need only cause as much damage.

As a reward we get for a captured base new toy that we by rebels launched can order directly in my face. Funny: The equipment and the vehicles thunder in a freight container from heaven bursts in a small confetti explosion.

Buy you do not have the things this time, instead it takes a while for the drop is available again. For liberated cities, however, we get special challenges and garages, for which we supply carts that we want to make you available on the rebels launched.

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