Because of Minecraft to a nine-year-old is said to have committed suicide, according to RTL.Because of Minecraft to a nine-year-old is said to have committed suicide, according to RTL.

In October reported RTL over a nine-year-olds in England who committed suicide. The station made computer games, more specifically Minecraft, responsible for this incident. The boy was not allowed to play with other loud RTL and these do not even want to chat in-game with him, he felt excluded.

The page media doubted this assessment and received on request some information from the local police station. Accordingly, the investigation was not yet complete and the exact circumstances had at that time still to be clarified. Prosecutor Julia Schweers-Nassif commented opposite to the side as follows:

"The investigation has indeed shown that the boy, inter alia, also on the day as usual computer games also played Minecraft. Apparently, the RTL media group has concluded that a causal connection between PC games and the boy's death. We see such a causal relationship in principle as a theoretically conceivable possibility for a declaration. Verifiable facts, however, have so far not confirmed this possible explanation."

The reasoning of RTL

RTL was asked for an opinion. The transmitter then declared that it no evidence are for this assumption and even admitted that this statement of fact is journalistically not properly ''. The incident should serve only as a hanger, so the theme "could create an awareness for computer games."

At the same RTL wanted to warn that Minecraft could serve as a platform for pedophiles because the game is very popular with children. 2016 a pedophile had taken over the game contacted a 12-year-olds and kidnapped afterwards.

Minecraft - Trailer: To see the Stranger-Things-costumesMinecraft - Trailer: To see the Stranger-Things-costumes