Comment on the mobile GameStar siteComment on the mobile GameStar site

Our mobile site m.gamestar.deis even better: The popular on the normal site feature articles comments are available from today on the small sister site. So you can not only see all comments, regardless of which version of the site they came from. You can also contribute your own opinion about a news, a test or a Special. Experienced fans have to give up anything of it: log in with your usual login details. At the beginning and end of each article you will find large buttons that take you directly to the comment pages. Also on the comment pages simplify large buttons to operate. Give it the same:

»Visit you do not know? Then you have missed something: Under you have extensive access to specially prepared for mobile use items. In addition, mobile users have the complete product database of GameStar with over 10,000 entries to PC games. In addition, the mobile game Star website contains a current price comparison function - ideal to look more favorable offers before the players matter in the electronics market. But while we do not leave it. Additional features such as videos are already being planned.

By the way: If you take the mobile website our News apps for iPhone, iPad and Androidused can comment soon on the move. After a test phase on the mobile site, we will integrate this feature in the apps.