We have already introduced the Steam Workshop and explains how your order Skyrim-Installation Improvement. However, since the built-in Steam download section brings some limitations, we present here the Nexus Mod Manager ( "NMM") as a more versatile alternative before. With this powerful, programmed by the community tool to manage your Skyrim mods easy and comfortable.

In particular, the combination of the Mod Manager itself and its connection to the extensive mod Skyrim Nexus Portal makes the NMM to current best modding tool for the popular Bethesda games. Because the Nexus Mod Manager, you can also Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegasand Skyrim predecessor Oblivionuse. Even if you want to modding Skyrim only, you should download the NMM. Especially with many extensive mods keep thus better control than with the Steam Workshop.

Update: After we have collected the best vegetation mods and in the second the best texture packs in the first part, we will now look at the lighting, the operation including interface and sounds. The new mods can be found immediately after the explanation of the Mod Manager, the end of the article form the already featured mods.

Nexus Mod Manager install

Before installing the NMM, you must first create an account on the Skyrim Nexus pageset up. Then click at the top on the button "Register" and then right again on "Register" and follow the instructions. Once you have created an account, sign up on the page. Registration is necessary for two things: First, you can download only the greater mods directly from the side and secondly, you can only do so using the combination of Mod Portal and Mod Manager. Next, please download the NMM. On the home page you are looking for help to the buttons at the top of the field "Mod Manager" and start the Download on "Download" the NMM.

So beautiful after the installation of several successful Mods Skyrim can look. while also allowing the frame rate drops so much that you absolutely need high-end hardware.So beautiful after the installation of several successful Mods Skyrim can look. while also allowing the frame rate drops so much that you absolutely need high-end hardware.

The installation routine follow largely without major changes (the language adjust if necessary). The NMM itself occupies only about 7.4 MB, so not interfere on the C partition. In "Select Additional Tasks" change best nothing and completes the installation. When you start the NMM for the first time, a small window through which appears you select for which the Bethesda games you want to manage your mods. If you own and only Skyrim only for use NMM, you still check the box, then the query is eliminated in the future.

In the next window, take a moment to configure the two paths the time. By default, the NMM grabs the two folder "mods" and "Install Info" in the Steam installation path of Skyrim. We recommend these two paths to a partition to install enough space, because there the sometimes very large installation files are stored, out of which then copies the NMM the mods into your Skyrim directory. but make absolutely sure that the two folders "mods" and "Install Information" located in the same directory.

Structure of NMM and mod installation

Basically, the NMM of three windows: Under "Plugins" you can find all .esm- or .esp files from the Skyrim games folders that contain the data of the mods. Here you can also change the loading order of the individual extensions. The "mods" window displays all downloaded modifications. There are also options to install, remove or delete individual mods. In the "Download Manager" track downloading a new modification, and see the current download speed. The NMM offers various advantages in combination with an account at Skyrim Nexus website. When you download for example on the Nexus page on the "Download Manager with" button, the mods are integrated directly into the window "mods".

The Nexus Mod Manager provides significantly more control over Skyrim mods as the Steam Workshop.The Nexus Mod Manager provides significantly more control over Skyrim mods as the Steam Workshop.

To install a mod, choose "mods" desired and click on the button with the green arrow icon, the second from the top in the left column. To disable a mod, select the button with the red arrow below. Here, the Mod Manager deletes the files from your data directory in Skyrim games folder. Here already hidden a great feature of the NMM: If a mod files overwrite another modification, the files of the overwritten Mod be cached. Disable the newer Mod then again, copies of NMM the cached files back into the Skyrim games folder and the state before installing the new mod is restored.

The red "X" to delete the mod installation file of your hard disk. With the Info button, you can create individual notes for each Mod bottom. With the button at the top of the column, add mods will manually add the NMM. When this is necessary, we explain in the respective mods separately. If we do not point out explicitly, download the mod simply the "Download Manager with" button at the Skyrim Nexus Web site.

Nexus Mod Manager for Skyrim - Update with lighting, operation and Sounds