With our tips gives you easy money for GTA Online.With our tips gives you easy money for GTA Online.

GTA Online also enjoys 2,017 undiminished popularity. But life as a felon in multiplayer GTA 5 will cost a lot of money. We'll show you how you without illegal cheats and glitches quickly as possible GTA earn dollars, Whether you are traveling alone or with friends.

With these jobs, Heists and tricks you make as a beginner a lot of in-game coal, without having to buy Shark Cash Cards. And if you are first CEO or leader of a motorcycle gang, the dough flows freely.

Times grandiose, sometimes ghastly - Our test to GTA Online

1. Patience pays off

As long as you invest any real money in Shark cash cards, you will be in GTA Online is not an overnight multimillionaire - not even with our tips. The most expensive game items like the yacht you have to work out like in real life with patience and diligence. With our guide the work still goes much faster.

but our tip applies twice. If you GTA Online namely not possess, it is worth it sometimes to show patience and to a offer waiting. Then the game can often buy namely in connection with a thick Shark Card. And several million seed money make a big difference.

2. Events take advantage!

Rockstar Games ever held in GTA Online special events, the more experience point and double GTA dollar rewards bring. Mostly you have to complete for special missions, race or multiplayer modes. Take this chance to quick cash!

About current events, we inform you here at GameStar.de or even look at the Rockstar website.

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3. Complete the daily goals

Many players ignore the daily goals - and give away a lot of cash. Per day, you get $ 25,000, if you meet the objectives. Can you do it seven times in a row, there's NEN fat bonus of $ 100,000. And after 28 days there is even $ 500,000.

In addition, you grant to certain milestones (10th, 20ste, 50th and 100th challenge) again a price on.

Theoretically, you can even create another character and also complete the missions with this in order to rake in even more carbon. Your money in GTA Online is in fact bound only by their account in the Rockstar Social Club and not to individual characters.

4. missions, missions, missions

Even solo players can perform many missions in GTA Online by surprise while raking in plenty of money. This becomes especially easy if you already have a armored Kuruma have. Then you can just run over, without fear of attack opponents namely. This makes it not only easy, but also saves money for weapons and ammunition. An order of works well for this tactic, for example, is a job for a Titan.

The colleagues of GTAcheats.com have a (English) list of all the jobs created with the inventory and revenue. To easily find the most lucrative missions.

GTA Online - gunrunning DLCGTA Online - gunrunning DLC
GTA Online - gunrunning DLC

View screenshots from the "gunrunning" -DLC - GTA Online

5. Heists

Have a few friends who are playing with you GTA Online? Then play always observe the five robberies. They do not only a lot of fun, they are also highly lucrative. For a long time the grind of the fifth Heists, the Pacific Standard Jobs, as the ultimate source of money. An exploit made the mission extremely easy.

Meanwhile, Rockstar has filled the gap, but are the dollars 1,250,000, which throws off the Pacific Standard robbery maximum unsurpassed - even though we have to share the coal course with our complicity.

Without friends, you can of course also venture with random players to the Heists, but it always involves land with chaotic lobby the risk.

Who completed a Heist for the first time, also gets a nice bonus of $ 100,000 credited.