In Germany, the FILCO Majestouch 2 to get only a few dealers. Priced it is also well above the already high level of mechanical keyboards. The online store who provided the test equipment available to us, requires almost 150 euros. Here, the competitive environment already starts at around 65 euros.

Whether the Majestouch 2 can justify this charge, we will look carefully in the test. At first glance, the keyboard has at least no obvious explanation for the extraordinarily high price. Additional equipment does not exist, only the usual high MX switches from Cherry.

Spartan than the FILCO Majestouch 2 keyboard can be no more.Spartan than the FILCO Majestouch 2 keyboard can be no more.

precision & technology

Manufacturer FILCO sells Majestouch 2 in three versions, all based on 105 mechanical switches. That is the real peculiarity of mechanical keyboards - instead of the superposed at cheaper devices rubber mats with electrical contacts that trigger pressure (called "Rubber Dome" keyboard), is here each key of a single, high-quality mechanical switch.

Our test model is based on switches of the type MX Blue, which have only a small initial resistance and then highlight with a loud clicking the attachment point. Alternatively, there is the Majestouch with MX Black-and MX Brown switches. The black version MX Black has a uniform resistance over the total key travel and a previously scheduled pressure point. In addition keyboards work with MX Black switches such as the available from 65 Euro Steel 6Gv2or Thermaltake Tt eSports Meka G1(From 100 euros) essentially smoother. The same applies to the brown MX switch as in the Zowie Celeritas(From just under 110 euros), which are very smooth and also react very quickly, which makes it a middle ground between MX and MX Black Blue.

The differences between the switches are therefore not in quality, but they cover different applications and preferences from. All three versions offer maximum precision in every situation. In the test, this is also true for the Majestouch second She is also internally designed so that they distinguishing between the technical maximum of six simultaneous keystrokes plus two so-called modifiers such as CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT perfectly into the USB port, which is achieved mainly conventional rubber dome keyboards only in certain areas of the keypad. On older, but for keyboards (except for the lack of hot plugging) better PS / 2 port dominates the Majestouch 2 even the real "N-key rollover" - strictly speaking, you could operate all 105 keys simultaneously and the keyboard would still each clean stop recognize and share. While so many switches do not operate well as professional players at once, but the six possible also to the USB port parallel connections are easily accessible in some games. Advantages over other mechanical keyboards with N-key rollover does not provide the Majestouch 2 in the test, however.


The FILCO Majestouch 2 is a naked keyboard, extras such as a USB hub, a display or direct control of multimedia functions is not there. But a PS / 2 adapter is included to make the most of the keyboard.

Height adjustment flatHigh&# 8203;

Height adjustment flatBoth in the flat in the higher setting, it can be written comfortably on the Majestouch.

HighIn the higher setting feet fold away sometimes when you slide the keyboard slightly away from them backwards.

ergonomics & processing

The handling of the FILCO Majestouch 2 is overall very good. However, the height adjustment collapses very easily if we want to reposition the keyboard while pushing a little bit away from us. And the high volume by the MX Blue switch is suitable for family or work colleagues in the same room hard to bear.

The processing makes a good impression also because of the very high weight. Even with intentionally applied force, the keyboard remains unfazed, the housing is extremely rigid.