In the test we clarify why Episode 2 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm does not quite reach the class of the first.In the test we clarify why Episode 2 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm does not quite reach the class of the first.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm has actually managed to make with each episode my expectations completely upside down. Before the appearance of the first I was still safe: This is Geldmacherei the bottom drawer. New team, new speaker, because the old ones just did not want to and the publisher still wanted to do a little killing on on the back of the original.

And then it was fantastic! So fantastic that I at Episode 2 was convinced: This is even better! And again danebenlag.

Why no final vote?
As with Telltale adventure games or other episodic games, we do not for the time being to a vote until all the three episodes have appeared and we Life is Strange: Before the Storm can judge as a complete work.

Denuvo copy protection
Life is Strange: Before the Storm includes the controversial Denuvo copy protection. The does not provide a permanent online compulsion, but the game needs in the first game start an internet connection. After that Denuvo only has to connect to the authentication server when essential hardware components are replaced or we start Before the Storm on another PC. Rumors that Denuvo SSD drives excessive burdens have not been confirmed in our test.

The prequel problem

More than in the first does in Episode 2, the major weakness noticeable to tell a decision based gambling a history. I just know already that I can not appreciably affect many of the story lines. At the beginning Chloe has about crash with the rector and her family because she has blown in Episode 2 with her new friend (lover?) Rachel.

Chloe's familyRachel's family&# 8203;

Chloe's familyFamily is a central theme in Episode 2: Chloe rebelled against her overly controlling new stepfather.

Rachel's familyEven with the seemingly perfect Ambers smoldering conflicts.

Here I have been some dialogue options - but I can not change the long-term education and family situation in which Chloe is find a few years later in the original Life is Strange. Again and again I try to smooth things over with her new foster father David, but fresh discord always follows directly on the heels.

But these disputes bring me any new facets of the figures. On the contrary, as a player I know already about David than it does Chloe! So especially the prelude of Before the Storm acts: Episode 2 surprisingly uninteresting. But even in the later stages I had to often feel only Details of the Story and not being able to change their basic course. There are about a few places where I as Chloe like to outright "No" would have said, but then it would not be continued.

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