Robots are a great invention, not only in Binary domain. They help with household chores, assist us in strenuous activities and even build cars. To predict that our society is more and more dependent on autonomous machines in the future, you have to be a clairvoyant. Alex Proyas' film I, Robot or matrix in this regard paint a bleak picture.

Sega takes the exciting topic in the form of a video, and now PC game. In the tactical shooter from Japanese developer Yakuza it comes with large calibers against sophisticated androids. But the question of how much the "feeling" of a human robot compared to that of a real people's worth. Blade Runner can, at least as regards the issue, greet discreetly.

Binary Domain must be activated once via Valve's online platform Steam. Then you can install the game on as many computers. Resale is then no longer possible.

Binary Domain - test videoBinary Domain - test video

Anno 2080

The game tells a compelling story in well-cut scenes.The game tells a compelling story in well-cut scenes.

The world in 2080 is a single gloomy climate catastrophe. The rising sea levels force to build on the ruins of the ancient cities of huge skyscrapers, completely new towns perched on the rubble of the centuries the people.

The robotic manufacturing is one of the most important industrial fields. However, an international agreement prohibiting people see deceptively similar to the construction of machines. But in Detroit one day a man appears who unmasked himself as artificial being and obviously turns entirely on the wheel. The government faces a mystery: Are these cyborgs dangerous? Where are you from? How many are there? And why keep the "soulless," as they are called, even for people?

A lot of potential for exciting plot. This we will see in the skin of elite soldiers Dan Marshall, who studied in Japan after the masterminds of a global conspiracy. Binary Domain sets itself apart from the usual story monotony of other action games. The relatively unspoiled and captivating story is told mainly through the cut scenes and holds several surprises. And unlike the narrative arts of many other action games keeps the player till the end of the rod.

Binary Domaon (PC)
Bombarded cyborgs disintegrate impressive in their items." data-lbx-number ="1"><b>Binary Domaon (PC)</b><br>Bombarded cyborgs disintegrate impressive in its individual parts.
Binary Domaon (PC)
The voice control function smoothly only in rare cases." data-lbx-number ="2"><b>Binary Domaon (PC)</b><br>The voice control function smoothly only in rare cases.
Binary Domaon (PC)
Kills bring money that we invest in upgrades." data-lbx-number ="3"><b>Binary Domaon (PC)</b><br>Kills bring money that we invest in upgrades.

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Mass Effect Greetings

In the many action sequences to Binary Domain strongly oriented towards Mass Effect. We dive from the shoulder perspective from cover to cover, shoot with targeted bursts on invading enemies and command our AI comrades to do the same.

Cool it: If we shoot off a robot's legs, the guy goes though to the ground, but still shoots merrily. Even headless androids make sometimes still there a danger. Just when we have to deal with many machines simultaneously trying to push us through clever rise to a corner, a depressing feeling comes on. Nevertheless, the difficulty is always fair.

What is also due to the active support of our colleagues. We can give simple commands, optionally via a selection menu or verbally over the headset microphone. However, the latter does not work optimally because commands are often not recognized and repeating time costs, which we are not in combat.

voice controlmoral system&# 8203;

voice controlAnyone who owns a headset that can give voice control tactical commands. You may also respond in talks alternatively via the microphone.

moral systemSimilar to the Dragon Age series, your answers to the mind of the AI ​​teammates affect. Who all too often against the grain that gets it even to do with mutiny.

Nice contrast: who all too often occurs feet his colleagues in dialogues, falls in their reputation. This has influence on their actions. If we call a disgruntled colleagues to help, replies of us offended "No way!". This dialogue system looks great with Binary Domain, however, is only implemented half-heartedly. So answers are provided, with which we ourselves can not do much, those who go through our heads, however, are not there, in many situations - too bad.