Rainbow Six: Siege also gets new graphics as part of Operation Health. Here are the first screenshots.Rainbow Six: Siege also gets new graphics as part of Operation Health. Here are the first screenshots.

Who in Rainbow Six: Siege has purposefully out of the window, which should have cursed the one time or another over the lurid glare effect. The simulated about the visibility of a camera lens that is kept from the inside into the sunlight - something may perhaps be realistic at the camera, in the game it felt for the human eye but quite wrong, because you could simply see nothing. And nothing can be seen in a tactical shooter, is pretty stupid.

This looks now apparently also a Ubisoft, because with the latest graphics update various lighting and texture representations are revised. Rainbow Six: Siege puts on a Combination of static and dynamic light, that should the interplay of indoor and outdoor create a realistic contrast.

At the same time they wanted to - so Ubisoft - the "Peeken" regulate for the defense by a limited sight. The graphics update changes the view options outside and indoors dramatically - who peeps through free blasted opening, now looks a lot more:

Visibility outsideVisibility indoors&# 8203;

Visibility outsideWho now outside peekt, can clearly more than before.

Visibility indoorsThe attacker can now identify a lot more in view inside.

revised sky boxes

Even the sky looked in Rainbow Six: Victory has never been so good. As in a good English summer, the weather is overcast now, and clearly atmospheric.

New sky boxes: Example 1Skyboxes Example 2&# 8203;

New sky boxes: Example 1In Japan, there's now flockigere clouds than before.

Skyboxes Example 2Also the embassy building gets a more realistic weather. Well, there you drift eh only the first 15 seconds around.

The HDR-sky boxes Ubisoft relied on a procedural generation method of Assassin's Creed. The result can be quite impressive.

Memory optimization Kafe Dostoyevsky

When something more extensive plan, the memory optimization turns on the individual cards. So far, only the Kafe Dostoyevsky was adjusted, the other cards to be up well into next year improved. Dostoyevsky is loud Ubisoft the memory-intensive card of the game.

Meshes and textures are adjusted so that the available memory is larger and the memory "footprint" in the temporary Ram becomes smaller. From developer point of view, Ubisoft promises here more leeway for future adjustments. As a result, lighting and texture effects change a little:

Storage optimization in Dostoyevsky 1Storage optimization in Dostoyevsky 2&# 8203;

Storage optimization in Dostoyevsky 1Especially in light glow of the candle holder to recognize the changes.

Storage optimization in Dostoyevsky 2Another screenshot of the adjustments.

The Relexionen on all cards will continue to be revised. Here's however no screenshots.

If you notice any changes in the game, let's us know.

What Operation Health means: DLCs ​​are moved, the technology improves