League of Legends will soon be violent!League of Legends will soon be violent!

URF - which stands for "Ultra Rapid Fire Mode"- and is the name of a recurring game mode for League of Legends. In this mode, primarily decay times are reduced and the multipliers massive critical hit. In addition, there's still the following details:

  • Skills cost 50 percent less life
  • All cooldowns are reduced by a whopping 80 percent
  • Our heroes run 60 percent faster
  • The attack speed is increased by 50 percent.
  • The multiplier for critical Treifer rises to 225 percent - from former 200
  • 500 percent more gold
  • Each hero caused massive damage and more but also more life
  • Shields scale less with her ability power

Healers have difficulty's

But this healer not immediately wegheilen all nice damage again, there are also adjustments for supporters. These achieve namely at the beginning of the round only 50 percent of their actual healing power. Every 30 seconds, but 100 percent cure increases by one percent this until after 25 minutes there are.

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In addition, some heroes are adapted to the new mode, because otherwise they are probably too strong. For example, Teemo has only a limited number of mushrooms that he can set up a time. In URF mode, there's also the way Hextech boxes and S-ratings.

All the fun begins the way already today around 14:00 pm and ends on Monday morning.

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