Mordhau - gameplay trailer shows realistic sword fightMordhau - gameplay trailer shows realistic sword fight

The PC game will mordhau medieval sword fighting and siege in an entertaining, action-oriented Multiplayer game to water. Here are both duels and large-scale battle with up to 64 players, including siege engines, Moats and horses contribute to the game.

The indie version of Ubisoft For Honor is currently looking for supporters on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and has the first The aim of the basic funding already reached the start of the campaign. Appear to the game in March 2018 an alpha and beta version is for Backer but already be available this year.

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The campaign has 28 days expires on target and is currently at 85,813 US dollars. The financial target was 80,000 US dollars, the first stretch goal is achieved 125,000 dollars. There, the developers promise more weapons and armor genres. Other objectives are not communicated, but are indicated symbolized by symbols such as a castle, horse and wagon wheels.

Mordhau is developed by a 10-member team that have joined together under the name Triternion for this project. The game received Backer from 25 dollars only from 40 US dollars, there is a Beta access. For the Alpha Access 60 dollars already incurred, but there is a "Golden Teeth" -Skin for their own game character.

The somewhat strange sounding for German speaking players name mordhau way, actually comes from the German language. The eponymous maneuver can also be seen in the gameplay trailer at the end and describes slamming the pommel of a sword:

"The mordhau, murder coating or killing blow called, is in the German fencing school during armored fighting in short sword (combat fencing), a term for a technique in which the sword upside down and is guided two hands to the blade to engage the knob or the guard to beat the enemy like a mace. (Source: Wikipedia)"