The Surge will be expanded to a new area. Access to? The Surge will be expanded to a new area. Access to? "A Walk in the Park"? is already here in the starting level.

The first story DLC for The Surge is called "A Walk in the Park" and sends us to an amusement park within the Creo system from the main game. The theme park revolves around the fictional comic book character Iron mouse, from which you will find coins and books in the main game and was able to unlock armor.

In the DLC we will, among others, in a boss fight compete against the archenemy of Iron Mouse, Carbon Cat - a smoking giant cat that loves air pollution. Whether carbon Cat is the only boss battle has not yet experienced.

DLC seamlessly blends in to the game

Similar to the Dark Souls series of DLC to be seamlessly integrated into the game world. There will be two access points, one at the start level and one in the research section. The playing time is approximately 4 hours specified and it should also be new types of weapons, armor and implants.

Other patches planned

Before the DLC A Walk in the Park will be published end of 2017, there will be another patch for The Surge, implement the player feedback. The release of the DLC expansion is still a major update planned that delivers new features and free weapons.

A price for the download extension does not yet exist.

Surprising twist at the beginning: So The Surge starts

The Surge - test video: More than a clone SoulsThe Surge - test video: More than a clone Souls