Fortnite – Epic launches Alpha-registration

Fortnite starts probably soon in a first alpha test. The registration phase this is now open. There are also first concrete details in the latest edition of a well-known gaming magazine.Fortnite starts probably soon in a first alpha test. The registration phase this is now open. There are also first concrete details in the latest edition of a well-known gaming magazine.

With the opening of a new teaser website by Epic Games had already become apparent that after a long time of silence finally moving into the project Fortnite would come. And now it seems to be done: The development team has started the registration period for a starting soon alpha phase of his survival shooter. Registration for the test run are now taken under contrary.

And otherwise the developers seem to be so slow willing to talk in detail about their current project. In the current May issue of the gaming magazine Game Informer Fortnite has certainly receive a detailed cover story. Digital copies of the magazine are already available - the physical output will be delivered in the coming days. So it might be expected with the announcement of the first tangible information about the game soon.

As part of the coverage announcement on is talk of a third-person shooter core experience, but the Epic Games seasons with some new elements. The object of the player it will be, therefore, to explore the game world and to search for resources that can be built fortifications. At the same time it will be necessary to fend off ever-increasing waves of attackers.

There are also a system modeled on role playing character development system, one reminiscent of Diablo looting system, various campaigns of varying length, procedurally generated worlds and even player-versus-player combat.

When exactly Fortnite will appear, however, is not yet known. As release platforms of PC were originally announced the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 console. A version for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should now but probably not be too unlikely.


See screenshots - Fortnite

Fortnite - Epic launches Alpha-registration

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Endless Space 2 – render scenes in the launch trailer

The Render Trailer for release the space strategy game Endless Space 2 is to tune in to the rather dark story of.

In keeping with the release of the game is also the extensive patch 1.0 available for download. The update brings numerous new features with them that should improve the overall gaming experience. So there are, among others, now a tutorial that will help you get started the players. Also, now is a function that automatically with the help of the design of spaceships on request.

Also supports Endless Space 2 now also very official modding, so that with high probability should soon show up the first mods. In addition there are numerous bug fixes, optimization of AI as well as changes in the general balancing.

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Alienware M17x R3 – high-end notebook with GTX 580M

The prices for the 17.3-inch notebook Alienware M17x R3 start at just below 1,500 euros. Even our test configuration is relatively low compared to the maximum possible hardware expansion - the Alienware configurator, you can easily invest about 3,500 euros in the M17x R3 when Nvidia's stereoscopic a higher clocked processor, an SSD instead of a conventional hard drive, and support 3D mode 3D vision wish and want to burn Blu-rays.

In the test, we examine whether the chic 17.3-inch combination of Core i7 2820QM meets and GTX 580M players. Technically, the performance graphics card 384 shader processors corresponds approximately to a Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti. But the 2.0 GB of video memory are exaggerated and put in practice no performance benefits. Unusual but positive for such a high-end notebook, is the support for Nvidia's Optimus, with the M17x R3 lay the GeForce graphics chip in the Windows operating sleep and can resort to the more fuel-efficient Intel graphics.

With the GTX 580M, the Alienware M17x R3 will cost about 2,000 euros. For that offers 17.3-inch notebook in the test but also gaming performance on a par with a desktop PC.With the GTX 580M, the Alienware M17x R3 will cost about 2,000 euros. For that offers 17.3-inch notebook in the test but also gaming performance on a par with a desktop PC.


R3 visually follows the M17x the current design line from Alienware, which is based equally on American stealth bomber like the shape of the Asus G74SX. The comprehensive, multi-part lighting can be configured via the Windows program "Alien FX". Alienware logo, number pad, directional buttons, power button or touchpad You may adjust independently in at least 30 colors. About application profiles the system between game mode and office use is different.

Keyboard and multimedia bar are lit, the colors can be adjusted in the Alienware Command Center.Keyboard and multimedia bar are lit, the colors can be adjusted in the Alienware Command Center.

Even if the case the previous model M17x R2 is very similar at first glance, the manufacturer has yet changed in detail. The M17x R2 weighs heavy 5.5 kilos, the M17x R3 with 4.4 kilo a kg less (the power supply brings in both cases a supplementary kilos). For weight loss, the smaller VGA cooler contribute (a graphics chip instead of two) and the magnesium composite, the Alienware instead of anodized aluminum. Not only the frame, and the housing is made of the lighter magnesium composite material, which must be less thick with the same strength as aluminum. Thus, the M17x R3 is easier, but still very stable and resistant to twisting. The pleasant touch soft-touch coating of the M11x R2 has retained the manufacturer when M17x R3. Fingerprints remain indeed liable in the test, but can hardly be seen. Overall, the workmanship is very good. Only the plastic base plate does not seem too stable and the fan openings give in to pressure.


The Core i7 2820QM in our tester normally operates at 2.3 GHz, achieved in turbo mode, but depending on the load up to 3.4 GHz. By hyperthreading are the four cores, four other virtual aside that make a positive impact in less games, but even more so in fact optimized applications such as video conversion. The GTX 580M changes over Nvidia's Optimus technology with the Intel graphics in the CPU from, depending on whether the Windows desktop or 3D games are presented. The clock frequencies are at 620 or 1240 MHz for chip and the 384 shader units, the 2.0 GB of GDDR5 memory works effectively with 3,000 MHz. The hard drive holds 320 GB of our model, also plugged a DVD burner in the tester. Both components can be, like many other components also replace the configurator by a higher-quality version (of course at an additional cost). The Klipsch speakers are good average, WLAN 802.11n and Bluetooth 3.0 on board.

Mouse pad and capsoftwareManualToslink Adapterbag&# 8203;

Mouse pad and capAlienware delivers the M17x R3 with lots of accessories, such as mouse pad and cap.

softwareDrivers, Roxio Creator, Webcam Central, and a Windows 7 DVD are supplied on DVD.

ManualAn Alienware sticker and a slick manual is also available.

Toslink Adapterand optical cable can be carried out at the RCA jack SPDIF connector slot in to using the enclosed TOSLINK adapter.

bagYou also get a practical fabric bag.

Opposite the old M17x design Alienware has the connections distributed differently, but also changed. have been added two USB 3.0 ports and one HDMI input to use the display for example with a Spielkonsolenzu. however, Alienware has removed the FireWire port of the old model and the ExpressCard expansion slot. Except for the power plug all connections are on the sides - making them more accessible while, but leads the Streibtischeinsatz to a significantly higher space because the cables carry covering ground from both sides away. At least there are the connections for the bulkiest cable each in the rearmost side area. Links Alienware has a Kensington lock, VGA, HDMI and Mini DisplayPort output, gigabit network, the two USB 3.0 ports, a S / P DIF output and a microphone and two headphone ports attached , there is the 8in1 card reader, DVD burner, two USB 2.0 ports and an eSATA and HDMI input on the right side.

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Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager – Space strategy game available as an alpha version

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager kann als Alpha erworben werden. Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager is available as an Alpha.

The publisher Slitherine has the "Early Access" program for its space strategy game Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager started. Just like in the same steam heading the title can also be purchased at an early stage of development. Buyers to secure a all future updates and of course the full game.

The download version of Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager will cost 19.03 euros as the "Early Access". For 27.99 euros, there is the boxed version additionally once that is commercially available. And for 77,99 euro Slitherine still offers a "Special Edition of" Buzz Aldrin's Space Program. Buyers of these can send in her portrait, so that the image of the developers either for ground personnel, scientists or even astronauts to the game.

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager have borrowed not only the name of the second man on the moon, Aldrin will be involved as a consultant in the development.

The title begins in the 1950s, but does not address the "space race" between the two superpowers. Instead, the player takes over the management of a global Space Agency. Here historic space missions can be initiated from both sides of the Iron Curtain. The game runs from the Soviet launch of Sputnik to the manned lunar missions of Americans. For future "episodes" and flights to Mars or the construction of space stations are planned.

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager thematisiert historische Weltraum-Missionen.Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager focuses on historic space missions.

The player's tasks lie mainly in administration. Staff must be hired and trained. Comparable to an economic simulation missions must be planned on the basis of a budget and executed. Not least politicians would have to be convinced to work for the space program. Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager is intended to provide a lot of historical facts and background information on space during the game.

On the website of Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager is listed, which planned content is not yet available in the alpha version. Accordingly, it is missing, for example, yet many features in dealing with the staff. The campaign mode is not yet mature. And individual space missions lacks content. So far the game is available in English only.

The "Early Access" program is so far only available for the PC version. but Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager will be released for Mac, iOS and Android systems.

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program ManagerBuzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager
Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager

View screenshots from the alpha version - Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager

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The Lord of the Rings: War in the North – wallpaper and artwork to War in the North

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North - wallpaper and artwork to War in the North

The publisher Warner Bros. has released the first wallpaper to The Lord of the Rings: Published War in the North. In addition to two versions of the logo on some of the areas are seen. While the destroyed human city could be in Middle-earth as everywhere, the idyllic same village reminds very much of Rivendell from the film trilogy. Here, the action role-playing game is just not revolve around the famous story of Tolkien's books, but illuminate the conflict in northern countries. In order to increase the recognition value, but familiar characters from the films will appear. In addition to background images we have posted new artwork to War in the North.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is the first Middle Earth game by Warner Bros. after the publisher has bought the marketing rights from Electronic Arts. the co-title (up to three players) is being developed by Snowblind Studios.

»To the wallpapers from The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
»View all games Wallpaper

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
Initially against scruffy orcs, we lie down later with Uruk-Hai." data-lbx-number ="1"><b >The Lord of the Rings: War in the North</b><br>Initially against scruffy orcs, we lie down later with Uruk-Hai.
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
In Rivendell, we also meet the Gemeindschaft of the ring such as Aragorn and Frodo." data-lbx-number ="2"><b >The Lord of the Rings: War in the North</b><br>In Rivendell, we also meet the Gemeindschaft of the ring such as Aragorn and Frodo.
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
The cumbersome PC inventory management is clearly noted on their console origin." data-lbx-number ="3"><b >The Lord of the Rings: War in the North</b><br>The cumbersome PC inventory management is clearly noted their console origin of.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North - View screenshots

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Page 2: Might & Magic: Heroes 7 in the test – Feel the love

The best missions Series history

Alone is the third mission of the Refuge Campaign a stroke of genius on mission design. Please note: We now reveal some of this great work - if you do not want to hear the dear, please read easily from the next subheading on, because we can not blitzdingsen unfortunately!

Blue Hour: In this academy-night mission we should be reflected insurgent Orc troops. Each of the six groups has launched a campaign, then there is the seventh, we must activate only.Blue Hour: In this academy-night mission we should be reflected insurgent Orc troops. Each of the six groups has launched a campaign, then there is the seventh, we must activate only.

Warning: The following paragraph contains spoilers

They are still there? For sure? Okay: In this mission, we have to defend ourselves against an absolute superiority, with three heroes and three cities. The latter are built in a wild mountain landscape, a maze of roads and bridges spanning gorges, it's pouring rain, everything is dark. In order to stop the enemy, we must a) with a hero a bridge go always keep stronger waves of enemies, and b) destroy as many bridges to slow the enemy.
But this is only the starting point, because in the course of mission new situations happen. Round after round, we are withdrawing, the cities are expanding, tear off bridges, but the enemy pulls back. Ingenious: With permanently stationed catapults on the adventurer card, we can trigger avalanches to block roads for a short time - but the enemy can do that too! More ingenious: This does not happen simply by text window, no, the bullets whizzing really on the adventure map. Most ingenious: As we expand one of our cities just wobbles always very briefly the screen. We are looking to go back there - and in fact, the rhythm of the catapult chunks strikes the Cityscape trembles with. What a nice detail!

The Fiese in this mission: We really have the feeling of being inferior hopelessly on the run and the attackers. On and on they move forward to Pelle, constantly we push panic to demolish the wrong bridge and himself cut us off the escape route - and but we must not lose our two main heroes! Here are our deadly "consider how we reveals a mouse-over the attackers." At some point, the first city is already lost, we learn of "Asha's tears" - an artifact that we have known for Heroes 5th Stupidly, it buries, and only if we find three obelisks, a treasure map is completely uncovered. So we need to find the three things with enemy armies in the neck, retrieve the artifact and bring it to a blood forge. And finally, finally the tables are turned: our capital gets a fancy shield, we place Asha's tears and get fat bonuses - more gold per day, more troops supplies, so like the grail in Heroes 3 and Heroes 4th

And we still get something: 500 Shantiri Titans join us for free at. We push the mouse trembling slightly on the enemy army - and which is not "fatal" but "trivial." Hasta la vista, baby! We are the hunted to the hunter, represent two laps later the hero, attacking and - get animal on the nose. Why? Because we have overlooked excitement that the Titans can shoot well, with green rays vaporize any enemy troop. On the second try, we break the enemy that there is a kind! Mission won, bare nerves. But damn ax, what an adventure! And in a turn-based strategy game.

Battles with Unreal Power

Heroes can move up to Level 30th Depending on the class, there are ten different skill trees, only part we bring it to the master. The hero-crafting is a science in itself!Heroes can move up to Level 30th Depending on the class, there are ten different skill trees, only part we bring it to the master. The hero-crafting is a science in itself!

The great animated fighting itself, however, has done the least. Of the more modern look of the Unreal Engine 3 apart, playing almost as in the predecessor. But this is more than okay, because due to the 114 different types of troops, some with special abilities, to around 100 magic plus over 120 Heldenskillungen, there is a perceived Fantastilliarde combinations, so that we get enough variety. Too bad: The battlefields themselves are often recycled, by default they are made of X times ten squares. Only occasionally in a siege times an obstacle or a constriction in it, just wall plus towers, as since allersten Heroes of Might and Magic. This gets even Free2Play offshoot Heroes Online better way, or relatives in the spirit of King's Bounty and Disciples, because they have traps, guns and other tactical elements on their round battlefields.

Battlefields in comparison: Heroes 7Heroes 1&# 8203;

Battlefields in comparison: Heroes 7The battlefields are badly abwechslungsarm since Heroes 5, the great animated troops and spells, however real eye-catcher.

Heroes 1By comparison, Sun saw sieges from the very first Heroes!

The sounds of battle could be in Might & Magic: Heroes have been more varied 7, especially if groan several stacks of the same type and troops roar, it is acoustically too fast eintopfig. What is, however, can not be said of the great soundtrack: The scores very Heroes equipped with atmospheric-fluffy soundscapes, with choirs worn sections and that prima fit the fractions. You can also leave without just play times running.

veterans preference

If you have not played Heroes, you should not only a bit ashamed, but also bring a lot of training time. Indeed, there are not a tutorial, Heroes 7 simply throw the deep end. therefore your next trip to the refuge-campaign (which is in the "war council menu" the angel lady far right). Although five of the other six campaigns are directly playable but require more knowledge. Especially among the more than 120 heroes skills to build fast times suboptimal stretching together. But there's even the four difficulty levels that can change at the beginning of each mission and fine tune to treat, for example, more resources. And clean knees really worth it - I promise!

The view our six heroes at the tavern by the way the same way: "Number Seven - you are simply the best of us. Cheers!"

Might Magic Heroes 7Might Magic Heroes 7
Might Magic Heroes 7
Page 2: Might & Magic: Heroes 7 in the test - Feel the love

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The biggest Counter-Strike scandals – Doping in e-sports – Cloud9 takes Adderall

The drug Adderall, originally designed to treat ADHD, is considered concentration enhancer and is the first choice when using doping substances E-athletes.The drug Adderall, originally designed to treat ADHD, is considered concentration enhancer and is the first choice when using doping substances E-athletes.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lives than any other game of the drama away from an ordinary match. In ten specials we present the most memorable scandals. We focus on the recent past, which has particularly affected the current scene of Counter-Strike.

After the scandal in 2014 which Part 6, 2015, which produces no less Aufreger. Part 5 of the boost gate scandal can be found here, the overview of all the previously published specials we have linked at the end of the article.

The influence of drugs?

2015 followed the next professional scandal, but did not reach the same controversy as the previous headlines. For ages circulated reports and rumors that E-sports is also just like dope athletes classic sports. Use medications that affect the concentration and reflexes - for example, Ritalin or Adderall amphetamine salts. Which are actually only available on prescription and the treatment of attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder, ADHD briefly thought. However, the control of substances, particularly in the US is more lax.

Curtain up for Kory »Semphis" Friesen Cloud9. The American player gave an interview in which he also answered the question of why the communication between players during the tournament ESL One Katowice 2015 looked so funny in summer, 2015.

The Launders interview

The answer: He and his teammates were high. And thanks to Adderall. The interview with journalist Mohan "Launders" Govindasamy be found below, the relevant portion starts at the time mark 7:48.

Immediately the daily press rushed to the case, although not much could do something with e-sports, but with a theme such as doping. Newspapers like The Time, New York Times and the BBC reported, although the latter did not even have a picture of Counter-Strike at hand.

The ESL banished all unfair means such as alcohol, drugs and medicines from their events afterwards. In addition, one would want to test players in the future, a cooperation with the German NADA (National Anti Doping Agency) was announced.

The message in July 2015: ESL plans doping tests after confession

(No problem?

A Shitstorm in the community did not exist, however. A maximum of one discussion about drug abuse and doping in e-sports. Several reasons may have played together. Since the end of 2014, the CS was: GO community, for example, self-absorbed. Cheats, exploits, Valve's update policy, betting fraud - the players and spectators were now tired. So now came to doping, but the next self-destruction, no one wanted to rouse comfortable.

Also, each local opinion of the doping concept may have purely played. In North America, the abuse of Ritalin and Adderall is already a big issue with students who learn for tests. In this respect there was no great outcry overseas. In Europe, the abuse of prescription drugs is, however, significantly lower, though not completely ignored topic. The discussion thus lost his way in both regions, but for different reasons.

GS: GO - All skins of Spectrum CaseGS: GO - All skins of Spectrum Case
GS: GO - All skins of Spectrum Case

All skins and diameter of the Spectrum Case - Global Offensive Counter-Strike

The ESL acted in turn for their reactionary approach directly criticism. For example, the well-known commentator Matthew "Sadokist" Trivet interfered in the formulation of the ban, feeds the medication a stop. He need Adderall to work at all normal, an abuse is probably not take place. At the end there was the 30-page rule book the ESL no list of prohibited substances or evidence of an exception, only "drugs, alcohol and performance-enhancing substances" were banned. Clarity on the procedure managed only a Reddit entry.

A good outline of the subject drug abuse, increased performance of Adderall to caffeine and the history of e-sports doping as always provides the analyst and YouTuber Thorin.

Are there any drug tests?

Today, the debate is almost completely gone. Most viewers probably could not even say with certainty whether players nowadays have to actually furnish samples in tournaments. The answer: The last World Cup tournament Eleague Major 2017 mentioned substances of any kind with any word in the rule book. Who wants to be disqualified, must bring cheats already.

Semphis way, had not yielded good performance in the summer of 2015 and in Katowice and was eventually kicked out of Cloud9. Semphis stated that although was better by Adderall his skills to the rifle, but decreased its qualities in making tactical decisions. That the other Cloud9 player drugged could not retrieve inhumane services such as cheaters, probably caused also that the issue largely disappeared quickly with no hassle. Match bans or ban by Valve was out of the question today Semphis plays for Splyce.

A nice detail of the story: Semphis successor at Cloud9 was none other than Skadoodle who needed a new team after the iBuyPower betting scandal. we told in the third part of the series of articles his story. To date, he is - without further controversy - the sniper Cloud9.

This was the sixth part of our series "Scandals and controversies Counter-Strike". In the seventh special we look to the year 2016. After a rampage in Munich ProSieben declares to want to bother its viewers no Counter-Strike more.

To overview: Ten scandals from the Counter-Strike history

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Tournament-trailer: That was the Eleague Major 2017Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Tournament-trailer: That was the Eleague Major 2017

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announced expansion with Free Single Player Missions – Knights of the Frozen Throne: Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne - Trailer makes all classes death knightsHearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne - Trailer makes all classes death knights

In the next Hearthstone extension Knights of the Frozen Throne our heroes fall to the call of the Lich King Arthas. The game gives the 135 new cards and a Free single player adventure. Blizzard has adjusted the existing costs for stand-alone adventures of Hearthstone, instead, normal extensions now include single-player adventures.

but the fall in favor of less extensive. In Knight of the Frozen Throne, we fight our way through a prologue, two wings of three boss battles and finally Arthas as a boss. For the prologue, we get a random legendary Death Knight Card, then for each wing and Arthas himself a free map pack from Knights of the Frozen Throne.

The Icecrown Citadel is the new field of Knights of the Frozen Throne.The Icecrown Citadel is the new field of Knights of the Frozen Throne.

The new mechanisms of Knight of the Frozen Throne

Each class will receive with the new extension a hero card, they turned into a death knight. Hero cards are a new card type, which triggers a battle cry effect when playing, extra armor gives and permanently alters the ability of the figure.

As Deathstalker Rexxar: The costs six mana and adds two damage to all enemy servants. After that Rexxar get the new ability "Beast kit" with which he can put together a new zombie companions.

We do this as we select the Discover mechanics twice one of three random beasts. The new monster gains all their combined values, skills and mana cost and comes to our hand so we can play it later.

Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen ThroneHearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne
Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne

See cards from enlargement - Knights of the Frozen Throne: Hearthstone

Another mechanism of expansion Siphon life, the transfers to us all damage a card as life. This ability had some cards already before, now it is formalized as its own keyword. Siphon Life works with both creatures and damage spells.

Veterans also are pleased with the return of death rattle, which should be particularly well represented among the undead minions of the Lich King. Fitting, finally, the effect was then introduced Curse of Naxxramas in which it went against Arthas's true necromancer Kel'Thuzad.

Knights of the Frozen Throne should already in August appear. As usual, we can pre-order packages of 50 cards for 50 euros and receive on top of the Frostmourne cards back. But why does he even considers this as Hearthstone junkie for no good offer, says editor in chief Heiko Klinge in his column for Free2Play madness in Hearthstone.

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Samsung T220HD – Test: 22-inch monitor with built-in cable TV tuner

Samsung T220HD - Test: 22-inch monitor with built-in cable TV tuner

In addition to use as a traditional PC monitor, the T220HD serve as a television. And he has a built-in cable TV tuner to which you just plug the antenna cable of the household connection and he even has a CI slot to insert appropriate modules for encrypted channels such as Premiere. DVD players or game consoles found on the two HDMI and a Scart and component input connector. then still a DVI and a VGA port are left for PCs. Samsung's experience in TVs you can tell by the included remote control. With it, all functions of the T220HD adjusted without any problems. The operation using the accommodated at the TFTSeite button is however very fiddly.

In games makes the T220HD a good figure, especially the bright colors leave a convincing impression. The sharpness of the display is also good. If you have a somewhat weaker graphics card, may lower the resolution without hesitation up to 1280x1024 pixels without vermatscht the presentation. For 250 euros Samsung offers T220HD thus a convincing performance. However, you should want to use the integrated TVFunktionalität well, otherwise you will get from a conventional PC monitor as NEC EA221WM more image quality and ergonomics for the same price.

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Broken Sword 4 in the test

Oha! Because what the offing! Anna-Maria and George come closer.Oha! Because what the offing! Anna-Maria and George come closer.

Women! First is all happiness and sunshine, and hardly have been recovered the golden angel statue from the ancient Templar citadel at Istanbul for them, they're gone. Then you want to be good cry at the old friend who raushaut one night from the Turkish death row, and reap nothing but derision and biting jokes. On the other hand, of course: That Gorge Stobbart is the fourth time for treasure rummage ends adventurer who has go much too smile and finds in between intense sometimes physical contact under the sheets, he would never have come only to women. The hot Nico and Anna-Maria and pull with George in adventure Broken Sword: The Angel of Death on a tour de force through three Western myths.

PDF (Original) (Plus)
Size: 433.4 KB
Language: German


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الدكتور Langeskov، النمر ووملعون رهيبة الزمرد: A سرقة الزوبعة – نشرت لعبة جديدة من ستانلي المثل صانع مجانا

الدكتور Langeskov، النمر ولعن رهيبة الزمرد: A سرقة الزوبعة هي لعبة جديدة من مطور ستانلي المثل.الدكتور Langeskov، النمر ولعن رهيبة الزمرد: A سرقة الزوبعة هي لعبة جديدة من مطور ستانلي المثل.

كما أعلن من قبل العد التنازلي على الموقع، لقد تم الافراج عن المطور الغربان الغربان الغربان التي تأسست حديثا أول مباراة له. وهذا له اسم طويل لا يمكن وصفها، لديها فقط 15 دقيقة من الوقت في اللعب، هو Free2Play وينبغي أن يكون مرة أخرى غريبة على مستوى الفوقية.

الكامنة وراء هذا هو الدكتور Langeskov، النمر ولعن رهيبة الزمرد، ومشروع لعبة جديدة من السابق ستانلي المثل صانع ويليام بو. هذه المرة اللاعب يأخذ على دور اللص البارع الذي بمرح متحف يلغي إلى المتحف خلال سخونة الصيف منذ بدء السجلات في أوروبا.

أيضا مثيرة للاهتمام: من فضلك لا تقرأ! - دليل المبتدئين في الاختبار

كما هو الحال في ستانلي المثل هنا مرة أخرى على الراوي كلي العلم للحزب. يتجسد ذلك الوقت من قبل الممثل الكوميدي البريطاني سيمون أمستيل. فمن الممكن تماما، لذلك، أن لعبة سرقة ينجرف بسرعة إلى مستوى الفوقية وفواصل جدار الرابعة - على الأقل هذا ما يحدث بالفعل في وصف البخار مسلية.

النصف الآخر من فرق ستانلي المثل السابق، ديفي ريدين، نشرت المباراة التجريبية مماثلة دليل المبتدئين في الآونة الأخيرة.

الدكتور Langeskov، النمر وملعون رهيبة الزمرد: A سرقة الزوبعة - مقطورة لإطلاق لعبة سرقة غريبة من مطور ستانلي المثلالدكتور Langeskov، النمر وملعون رهيبة الزمرد: A سرقة الزوبعة - مقطورة لإطلاق لعبة سرقة غريبة من مطور ستانلي المثل

الدكتور Langeskov، النمر ولعن رهيبة الزمرد: A سرقة الزوبعة - لقطاتالدكتور Langeskov، النمر ولعن رهيبة الزمرد: A سرقة الزوبعة - لقطات
الدكتور Langeskov، النمر ولعن رهيبة الزمرد: A سرقة الزوبعة - لقطات

الدكتور Langeskov، النمر ولعن رهيبة الزمرد: A سرقة الزوبعة - مشاهدة لقطات

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MSI GS60 2PE الشبح برو 3K الطبعة – شقة ألعاب الكمبيوتر المحمول مع 3K قرار

وMSI GS60 2PE الشبح برو تكلف 200 يورو أقل من الطبعة 3K في النسخة HD كامل.وMSI GS60 2PE الشبح برو تكلف 200 يورو أقل من الطبعة 3K في النسخة HD كامل.

العديد من أجهزة الكمبيوتر المحمولة الألعاب هي الثقل الحقيقية التي لديها الكثير لتفعله مع قابلية أنيقة من ألترابوك ضئيلة. بواسطة يترك اسم MSI GS60 2PE الشبح برو 3K الطبعة أشك في اختبار مماثل، وتزن أقل من كيلوغرامين (بدون امدادات الطاقة) والسكن شقة نسبيا ولكنها تقف بوضوح من العديد من النماذج المتنافسة للاعبين. وينطبق الشيء نفسه على الشاشة الدقة إعطاء اسم 2880x1620 بكسل، بناء على طلبها يمكنك 2000 يورو دفتر مكلفة ولكن حتى من دون لاحقة "3K Edtion و" ومع العادي قرار HD كامل عن 200 يورو شراء أقل.

وعلى الرغم من الأبعاد المدمجة realtiv، دفتر 15.6 بوصة وعود الكثير من القوة مع أحدث الأجهزة انتل ونفيديا. هذا الخليط من السكن ضئيلة وأداء الألعاب عالية ويوفر نظام التبريد بشكل طبيعي مع تحديات خاصة في منطقتنا التي نظمت بالاشتراك مع اختبار هذا هو السبب في أننا الالتفات الى كيفية صاخبة وساخنة، والشبح GS60 2PE برو 3K الطبعة. للبساطة، ونحن نتكلم على النحو التالي، إلا أن GS60 2PE، ولكن دائما يعني وحدة المراجعة التي قمنا بها مع 3K القرار.

معالج & بطاقة الرسومات

في أجهزة الكمبيوتر المحمولة الألعاب منذ فترة طويلة على وجه الحصر تقريبا مزيج من إنتل الأساسية i7 4700HQ / MQ ووحدة الرسومات نفيديا من سلسلة GTX 700M العثور عليها. لديه GS60 2PE MSI هنا على الأقل لتقديم بعض متنوعة، حتى لو كانت الفروق إلى العصا القياسية السوق فقط إلى المعالج في حدود.

والأساسية i7 4710HQ المستخدمة التي تم التوصل إليها على مدار الساعة 2.5 غيغاهرتز (توربو 3.5 غيغاهرتز) و 100 ميغاهيرتز فقط أكثر من كور i7 4700HQ ما هو بدلا من قياس ملحوظ حقا في المباريات. خلاف ذلك، واثنين من المعالجات رباعية النوى هسول نفس البازلاء في جراب، توازي مدة أربعة وحدات المعالجة المركزية ظاهرية إضافية والرسومات المتكاملة (إنتل HD الرسومات 4600) وشملت.

الخيارات صيانة إبقاء بسبب تصميم مضغوط محدودة إلى حد كبير، إلا أن القرص الصلب وحدة WLAN يمكن الوصول إليها بسهولة.الخيارات صيانة إبقاء بسبب تصميم مضغوط محدودة إلى حد كبير، إلا أن القرص الصلب وحدة WLAN يمكن الوصول إليها بسهولة.

بطاقة الرسومات يأتي في وقت مبكر في آخر اختبار أجرته آسوس G750JS وGTX 870M من نفيديا المستخدمة، الذي تم عرضه في مارس 2014. وهو يقوم على بنية كبلر من عام 2012، الجديد "ماكسويل" الهندسة المعمارية، والتي حتى الآن سوى في غيفورسي GTX 750 تي يستخدم، فإنه يخلق في دفتر الملاحظات على الأرجح في عام 2015 في التجارة.

وGTX 870M يختلف خاصة مع عدد من وحدات تظليل من 770M GTX السابق (1344 إلى 960)، وزادت الأساسية وعلى مدار الساعة الذاكرة قبل ما يقرب من 20 في المئة. مثل معظم أجهزة الكمبيوتر المحمولة الألعاب يمكن استخدام GS60 2PE في المهام المتساهلة مثل تصفح الإنترنت أو معالجة النصوص فقط إنتل HD الرسومات 4600 من المعالج لتوفير الطاقة وMSI - ثم يتم تنشيط GTX 870M للعب.

الروح MSI GS60 2PE برو 3K الطبعة تبرز قبل كل شيء دقة العرض عالية من 2880x1620 بكسل من الحشد.أداء غير ذلك بفضل معالج كور i7 و Nvidia GTX 870M بطاقة الرسومات للحصول على دفتر عال جدا.
وعلى الرغم من الأداء العالي، دفتر ضئيلة جدا مع ارتفاع ملليمتر فقط 19.9.

عرض الصور - MSI GS60 2PE الشبح برو 3K الطبعة

ما إذا كان أداء GTX 870M ما يكفي للتعامل مع قرار 3K يطالبون، ونحن تحقق في المقطع التالي.

MSI GS60 2PE الشبح برو 3K الطبعة - شقة ألعاب الكمبيوتر المحمول مع 3K قرار

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برودة ماجستير ماجستير مفاتيح لايت L كومبو – المواتية الماوس لوحة المفاتيح مع مجموعة مفاتيح م-Chanical

رخيصة، ولكن ليست رخيصة. 55 اليورو تقدم برودة ماجستير ماجستير مفاتيح لايت L التحرير والسرد. وعلى الرغم من انخفاض أسعار اللاعبين مجموعة لإقناع مع الكثير من المعدات ومعالجة الصوت.رخيصة، ولكن ليست رخيصة. 55 اليورو تقدم برودة ماجستير ماجستير مفاتيح لايت L التحرير والسرد. وعلى الرغم من انخفاض أسعار اللاعبين مجموعة لإقناع مع الكثير من المعدات ومعالجة الصوت.

على الرغم من أن الإضاءة RGB في أجهزة الإدخال بالفعل منذ فترة طويلة لم يعد جديدا، هناك الفئران متوهجة الأكثر متعددة الألوان ولوحات المفاتيح فقط مقابل مالي لائق. هنا تبريد ماستر تسيطر على مفاتيح رئيسية لايت كومبو L في الاختبار إلى حد ما ضد التيار، ويوفر مجموعة من الماوس ولوحة المفاتيح، بما في ذلك الإضاءة RGB لأقل من 60 يورو.

وفقا لسعر ما عليك القيام به من ميزات RGB في تجهيز لوحة المفاتيح عدد قليل من العيوب. USB إضافية أو اتصالات الصوت، مفاتيح مخصصة للوسائل الإعلامية أو التبديل الميكانيكية (أو المرتبطة مع مفاتيح رسوم الترخيص الكرز-MX) الاستغناء برودة ماجستير ويستخدم تنمية الشخصية.

ما يسمى ب "التكنولوجيا م-Chanical" تستخدم مثل الأزرار قاعدة المطاط، بالمقارنة مع لوحات المفاتيح المطاط القبة التقليدية، والمفتاح، ولكن، ليست مباشرة على الغشاء ولكن على غلاف من البلاستيك المحمول بين. الماوس هو نفسه إلى جهاز استشعار بصري من AVAGO.

لوحة المفاتيح:
• مفاتيح م-Chanical (مفاتيح اللمس المطاط القبة)
• إضاءة RGB لمناطق مختلفة
• التمديد 26 مفتاح
• المياه طارد

• AVAGO 3050 استشعار بالأشعة تحت الحمراء (تصل إلى 3500 نقطة في البوصة)
• التبديل اومرون عن الحق وزر الماوس الأيسر
• إضاءة RGB للمنطقتين
• DPI التبديل

م-Chanicalازرار&# 8203؛

م-Chanicalووفقا لبرودة ماجستير، والتحول م-Chanical تقليد الرغم قاعدة القبة المطاط والاحساس باللمس ضغط المفاتيح الميكانيكية الكرز (البني والأزرق) ويكون أعلى من الدقة وخدمة الحياة.

ازرارالقمم الرئيسية هي نفس لوحات المفاتيح الميكانيكية وسهلة لسحب قبالة واستبدالها.

المطاط الميكانيكية التحرير والسرد

من خلال هيكل من البلاستيك، ومفاتيح مفاتيح رئيسية لوحة المفاتيح تذبذب أقل من مفاتيح المطاط القبة التقليدية وتوفر نقطة الضغط الأكثر ثراء قليلا. ومع ذلك، يمكنك أن تشعر وسادة مطاطية الاسفنجية قليلا فقط لكتابة قائمة وعاملة في خطر ضغطة خفيفة أن بعض لن تكون مسجلة. لعب نفس العلبة ولكن في الغالب الإهمال أقل دقة لأننا استخدام عدد أقل من مفاتيح هنا واضغط عليه مع مزيد من السلطة من المفاتيح الميكانيكية.

كنا نود بقية تجهيز لوحة المفاتيح، لديها الانتهاء من تنظيف والاستقرار. ويدين المجلس الرئيسي كما لوحة الصلب المتكاملة بنسبة الوزن (حوالي 1.0 كجم)، وكذلك يحسن من مقاومة إلى تشويه للجعلت خلاف ذلك من مفاتيح رئيسية البلاستيكية. وفي الوقت نفسه يمنع ذلك جنبا إلى جنب مع قدم المطاط الانزلاق لوحة المفاتيح.

بدون سائق، يمكننا التحكم في الإضاءة RGB مباشرة فوق مفاتيح الدالة على لوحة المفاتيح وتحديد الألوان والآثار. مع الجبهة الوطنية وF-مفاتيح نستخدم وظائف وسائل الإعلام. لوحة المفاتيح مع متر 1.8 المغطى طويلة وليس مع توصيل النسيج USB 2.0 كابل.

إضاءةأسفل&# 8203؛

إضاءةإضاءة لوحة المفاتيح ماستر تبريد عن طريق مفاتيح الوظائف يمكن تكييفها. نستطيع أن نختار بين مختلف المناطق والألوان والآثار.

أسفلارتفاع لوحة المفاتيح يمكن تعديل على مرحلتين. المفتاح الرئيسي هو من خلال القدمين بالمطاط بقوة على الطاولة ولا تنزلق.

القوارض RGB

لديه الماوس شملت أيضا المصابيح RGB، أربعة أزرار، العجلة الدوارة في اتجاهين والتحول DPI على القمة. وعلاوة على ذلك، علينا أن نحدد بدون سائق ومباشرة في اللعبة، ما إذا كان بصري AVAGO 3050 الاستشعار يمسح الأرض مع 500/1000/2000 أو 3500 نقطة في البوصة. مثل لوحة المفاتيح، والماوس تعلق على الكابل 1.8 متر المطاط طويلة ويزن 91 غراما. انخفاض الوزن، والسكن من البلاستيك المضغوط نسبيا وشكل غير المتماثلة من الفأرة يمكن أن يكون أفضل تعمل مع اليد اليمنى ومخلب أو الإصبع قبضة.

تلعب القوارض ماستر تبريد يجلس بشكل مريح في اليد وتوفير مفاتيح نقطة ضغط الصلبة. تعرف لإرضاء حتى فحص عجلة الماوس وخصائص انزلاق جيدة ومنخفضة نسبيا عن جهاز استشعار بصري انطلاقه بعد (حوالي 3 ملم). فقط استقرار الحق وزر الماوس الأيسر يترك شيء على ما يرام والبلاستيك الانحناءات انتزاع شيء ثابت.

سطحالجانبيةأسفل&# 8203؛

سطحبواسطة الألواح الجانبية الخشن وعجلة التمرير بالمطاط، وبرودة ماجستير الماوس هو حتى بعد موسم طويل أيضا في (يمين) اليد.

الجانبيةويمكن الاطلاع على ما عدا في عجلة التمرير على الجزء الخلفي من المصابيح الماوس RGB. كابل طويل 1.8 متر يبدو صلبا، ولكن لم يتم تغطيتها بالقماش.

أسفلمن خلال هم ثلاثة تفلون قدم الماوس ينساب دون صعوبة. يعمل جهاز استشعار بصري تصل إلى 3500 نقطة في البوصة.

برودة ماجستير ماجستير مفاتيح لايت L كومبو - المواتية الماوس لوحة المفاتيح مع مجموعة مفاتيح م-Chanical

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تداعيات 3: الاختبارات بيت – أول مغامرة حقيقية DLC

تلبية اثنين في محطة قطار ماينز، يقول أحد: "ماينز هو shithole"، ويقول الآخر "منجم للغاية"، ماينز قد لا تجد أنه مضحك ذلك، ولكن سكان بيتسبرغ في العالم من سقوط 3 نتفق جميعا ديك المدينة هي حقا تفريغ. وهكذا يسمونه تسوية قريبا "في بيت"(" حفرة "يعني الألغام). هناك هو verschlägt في الثانية سقوط 3-الملحق في بيت.

تداعيات 3: بيت - صور من المحاكمةتداعيات 3: بيت - صور من المحاكمة
تداعيات 3: بيت - صور من المحاكمة

تداعيات 3: بيت - مشاهدة لقطات

نقاط للبيت

للوصول الى المدينة، ونحن اللباس كعبد.للوصول الى المدينة، ونحن اللباس كعبد.

في بيت للعب، وتعيين أداة تنزيل من ألعاب ويندوز لايف وشراء هناك من نقاط مايكروسوفت بطاقة الائتمان. 800 من هذه النقاط (وهي عبارة عن عشرة يورو) للاستثمار في الملحق، والتي يمكن تحميلها بعد ذلك. وبمجرد الانتهاء من تثبيت ما يقرب من 370 ميغابايت تحميل، البطل يتلقى إشارات الراديو التي سوف ترشدك إلى الجزء الشمالي من الأراضي البور.

هنا تلتقي رجل يدعى فيرنر، الذي قال لكم عن بيتسبرغ. المستعرة هناك ليس فقط طاغية ولكن أيضا الطاعون الذي verwandele الناس إلى Troggs المسوخ القاتلة. فيرنر تبحث الآن عن أحد المتطوعين الذين يتسلل الى بيتسبرغ، ومحافظ abluchst علاج لهذا المرض. تخمين هناك، والذي يدعو مرة أخرى: "بالتأكيد، سوف يكون لا يزال سعيدا"

بيت بدون المحترفين

وTroggs يمكنك درء رائع مع منشار دائري جديد.وTroggs يمكنك درء رائع مع منشار دائري جديد.

في بيت لديه ما تفتقر السابق الإضافية عملية مرسى: قصة حقيقية مع الخيارات الأخلاقية، جزءا لا يتجزأ من بيئة الغلاف الجوي مع المعارضين جديدة. أيضا، كنت مسافرا كما الأنا الخاصة بك، جنبا إلى جنب مع كل قدراته ولا تتعثر من خلال المحاكاة. في بيت ومع ذلك، لا تزال تجربة فريدة من نوعها، لأنه إذا كان لديك فيرنر المهمة أنجزت مرة واحدة فقط، لا أعود.

أكبر مشكلة الوظيفة، مع ذلك، أنه ليس تحديا للاعبين hochlevelige. الساحة معارك ثلاثة حول حيث كنت في حاجة لحضور، وتفقد لذة الخاصة بهم عند إنزال المعارضين الأولين في عمل الأحواض واحد. مستويات أعلى ومهارات جديدة، لا يوجد سوى في الملحق-مصغرة الثالث صلب المكسور.

فقط باللغة الألمانية

إذا كنت في بيت تحميل على جهاز كمبيوتر الألمانية، وتحصل تلقائيا على النسخة الألمانية. لن تتأثر درجة العنف، مع إصدار اللغة الإنجليزية الأصلي لل سقوط 3 كما رفات أساس في بيت دموية.

"تقييم مربع سقوط 3: بيت

PDF (الأصل) (زائد)
الحجم: 249.6 KB
اللغة: الألمانية


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خلية منشقة: باندورا غدا – تصحيح 1.1

أصدرت يو بي آي سوفت التصحيح الأول لخلية منشقة باندورا غدا. ويضم ما يقرب من 10 ميجابايت تحديث كبير إلى الإصدار 1.1 العديد من التحسينات (تعديل متغير من إدارة قوة النيران عدة جماعات الضغط، قائمة أفضل الخوادم تنفيذ الأمر ping ...).

التصحيح (بلس)
الحجم: 10.7 MB
اللغة: متعدد اللغات


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