World of Warcraft: Legion – The most important questions for addon

World of Warcraft: Legion - Game Director on content plans, open PvP & moreWorld of Warcraft: Legion - Game Director on content plans, open-PvP & more

When exactly will World of Warcraft: Legion?

WoW: Legion will be released on August 30, 2016 at 0:00 am German time.

What are the main new features?

WoW: Legion provides a new continent, The Broken Isles, on the players now can rise to the new level cap 110th This they can do now with the new class of the demon hunter who is very agile and plays very action-heavy. Instead of finding ever better weapons, players get first a specially tailored to their class specification artifact weapon that can be improved further and change visually. For a better overview, see our video of the 5 coolest features of WoW: Legion.

World of Warcraft: Legion - The five coolest featuresWorld of Warcraft: Legion - The five coolest features

What content is removed?

The currencies Ehre- and conquest points are removed and converted into gold. Instead, a new PvP system enters into force. The two exploits "Ahead of Time: The Black Gate" and "Leader: The Black Gate," which you could get at defeating Archimonde will no longer be accessible. In addition, the Fighters Guild closes its doors for the time being and the quest series for the legendary ring can no longer be complete.

And what about the garrison?

The garrison will remain as such, loses by the increased level cap but logically immensely usefulness because their buildings are designed to be relevant in Draenor quests and crafting materials. Who wants to bring a profession later on skill level 600, it can, however, use nachwievor the garrison.

What class should I play?

With each new addon always the same question: which class you should rush into battle against the Burning Legion first? To this question there is no simple answer, but based on your's preferred role, the choice can be narrowed, at least. Colleague Jürgen Stöffel has worked out which class is for the role best suited to date.

What jobs are best for me?

The same principle as in the class choice. The profession is primarily a matter of personal taste. However, there are a few activities that do absolutely suggest more than others. Again, we have been sorted for the professions of your usefulness.

What new areas are there?

The six new areas on the Broken Isles.The six new areas on the Broken Isles.

WoW: Legion begins on the Broken Isles, a new continent with a total of six areas. On the devastated beach or the ravaged coastal our adventure begins. Our campaign then passes through the four-level areas storm Home, The Hochberg, Val'Sharah and Azsuna the first time mitskalieren all flexible with our character level and walked on at any time and wait with appropriate rewards. Suramar however, is a Endgame zone for characters at level 110, where there will be to do especially world bosses and daily quests, which then yield also Endgame suitable rewards.

Which raids there and when they appear?

So far, two raids were announced. The 'Emerald Nightmare' is already three weeks after release of WoW: unlocked Legion, making it the first raid of the addon. The second raid, "The night fortress" at the end of villain Gul'dan waits followed according to plan early 2017. On the Gamescom announced Blizzard patch 7.1 »Back to Karazhan" to a large dungeon that with his new boss mobs already can almost be described as 5-man raid.

World of Warcraft: Legion - Trailer: World of Warcraft: Legion - Trailer: "Back to Karazhan" with Update 7.1

What are the religious buildings and how they work?

The medal halls solve a certain extent from the somewhat unpleasant garrison. Rather than completely isolated to stand in their own homes, all representatives of a class now meet in the so-called religious halls. As the leader of each order we can now upgrade there about our artifact weapon, explore artifact knowledge, plan our campaign and send companions on missions. Similar to the garrison, but not the same.

What's the new PVP system?

The currency honor is now something like PVP-specific experience. If we operate PVP, we deserve honor and so promoted to the so-called prestige ranks. The higher we climb, the more PVP specific talents we unlock. So there is a very PVP own talent tree with skills that can be used only in PVP. In addition, the relevance of equipment is further reduced because now no longer the specific values ​​of our clothes are counted, but we get only a slight attribute bonus based on our average item-level.

Where are my glyphs go?

Glyphs have Legion only a cosmetic effect and may for example change certain magic appearance. They apply directly to the particular spell.

Can I fly from the beginning?

No to learn to fly in Legion areas, one must, as in Warlords of Draenor only enable a very costly success, where you have to have fully explored, among others, all areas.

How does the demon hunter plays?

The Daemonhunters is a very agile class, which until now has a double jump and a sliding ability is not unprecedented mobility. With the "revenge" Specialization can recharge while "devastation" focusing on damage and it inflicts a great deal area damage. Skills such as eye beam requires manual aim, as all enemies are hit in a certain area in front of the Demon Hunter.

What happens in the story?

After the conflict with Archimonde and the Iron Horde Warlords of Draenor was released, escaped villain Gul'dan through the portal to Azeroth. To get there drive the plans of the Burning Legion, he opened the seal on the Tomb of Sargeras, so as to allow the invasion of the Legion. The heroes of Azeroth have to try to find the Pillars of Creation, an ancient relic that could close the gates of the Legion.

World of Warcraft: Legion
Kil'jaeden was bathing in his last visit to the Sunwell. Whether he quite rises this time out of his bathtub? With patch 7.2, you know." data-lbx-number ="1"><b>World of Warcraft: Legion</b><br>Kil'jaeden was bathing in his last visit to the Sunwell. Whether he quite rises this time out of his bathtub? With patch 7.2, you know.
World of Warcraft: Legion
Velen is the leader of Elf and controls the Exodar by Argus. You will probably sit next to him and carry the battle against the Legion into space." data-lbx-number ="2"><b>World of Warcraft: Legion</b><br>Velen is the leader of Elf and controls the Exodar by Argus. You will probably sit next to him and carry the battle against the Legion into space.
World of Warcraft: Legion
As a priest, you get a chic owl being in patch 7.2. As a shadow priest the animal is dark when Christmas priests bright." data-lbx-number ="3"><b>World of Warcraft: Legion</b><br>As a priest, you get a chic owl being in patch 7.2. As a shadow priest the animal is dark when Christmas priests bright.

See screenshots - Legion: World of WarCraft

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FIFA 17 problems – Installation depends? What you can do

FIFA 17 problems - Installation depends? What you can do

Apparently suffering FIFA 17 shortly after the release on September 29, under some bugs and problems that particularly affect the game starts and the installation on the PS4. We give you some tips and tricks on the hand with which you solve the problems and hopefully FIFA can play carefree 17th

For PC test of FIFA 17

FIFA 17 installation hangs at 83 percent - what to do?

Especially on the Playstation 4, an error occurs frequently, by the stuck at 83 percent, the installation of the football game and simply no longer continues. This applies to both the disc and for digital download version. One possible solution to separate the PS4 for a short time from the Internet and then connect it again. Now the installation should be continued successfully. Many players seems to have helped this simple trick. Other users report against the fact that a complete reinstallation helped.

FIFA 17 (PC) does not start

If you have the PC version of FIFA 17 and the game simply will not start or will hang in the home screen, it often helps the graphics drivers to update, or to install it again. The correct driver can be found on the pages of Nvidia and AMD. A key point is that their PC meets the system requirements. Our hardware Special reveals what PC they need at least for FIFA 17th

Fifa 17 - test video: professional sports with Frostbite engineFifa 17 - test video: professional sports with Frostbite engine

Fifa 17
Especially from such angles is hardly a graphic contrast to the previous year to recognize - at most the animations and collisions see something more stylish." data-lbx-number ="1"><b>Fifa 17</b><br>Especially from such angles is hardly a graphic contrast to the previous year to recognize - at most the animations and collisions see something more stylish.
Fifa 17
In penalty kicks, the control is significantly more stringent than before. We put the shot first with the left stick and then meter the shot power." data-lbx-number ="2"><b>Fifa 17</b><br>In penalty kicks, the control is significantly more stringent than before. We put the shot first with the left stick and then meter the shot power.
Fifa 17
Look carefully: edges are placed at corners and free kicks with a small yellow cursor. A useful addition to the familiar standard tactics." data-lbx-number ="3"><b>Fifa 17</b><br>Look carefully: edges are placed at corners and free kicks with a small yellow cursor. A useful addition to the familiar standard tactics.

FIFA 17 - See screenshots

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Ghost Recon: Wildlands – beta invitations out, Preload Now Available

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Trailer: So Bolivia plunges into chaosGhost Recon: Wildlands - Trailer: So Bolivia plunges into chaos

Update 19:12: Meanwhile, the beta invitations are sent and Preload is available via Uplay client, Xbox One and PlayStation 4th This confirms Ubisoft officially via Twitter.

However, some users report more problems: the confirmation of the beta invitation on the official page appears, a code can but partly still coming. Possible that the Beta access be sent in waves and just be patient is still in demand.

@perryontheradio It Should be coming soon Perry! Stay tuned.

- Ubisoft (@Ubisoft) February 1, 2017

Original message: After Ubisoft actually for today February 1, 2017 at 8:00 am to start the preload phase for the upcoming beta test of Ghost Recon: announced Wildlands, wondering currently many players: When are because in general the Beta Invitations sent? Before the client can be downloaded, finally, must first of Beta access will be activated.

Meanwhile Ubisoft has reported on the official Twitter channel of the game to speak and asked for patience: you'll still send the invitations during the day and also the Beta-Preload still unlock. However, a specific time specification did not make the team.

The invitations and preload for the GR Wildlands closed beta will be available later today. Beta will available on February 3rd as announced.

- Ghost Recon (@GhostRecon) February 1, 2017

find out own beta access status itself

With a little trick but can apparently also now find out if one's application was accepted for the beta test: who logs on the official Ghost Recon website in his Ubisoft account and, where appropriate, visible tab "Closed Beta" selects, may invite, among others, up to three friends for a test run and access the closed beta forums as a confirmed Beter Tester.

The corresponding access code for the desired platform should then definitely will follow later in the day. All others must continue to wait - or be invited by beta testers friends.

No power to drugs: Ghost Recon: Wildlands preview

Introducing: Our Game Star Squad. And first we enjoy the fantastic vision in Bolivia.Who is going quietly, may even perform in combat snipers. And then has a great shooting position.
interchanged with Forza? Not at all! Even such car passages are now part of Ghost Recon.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - View screenshots

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Mining madness – Biostar motherboard with 100 graphics cards

Biostar has presented this mining motherboard with risers on Facebook. (Source: Biostar)Biostar has presented this mining motherboard with risers on Facebook. (Source: Biostar)

There is quite some time Mainboard with lots of PCIe slots, to accommodate multiple graphics cards. While gaming PCs were previously maxed out with up to four graphics cards, there are motherboards Can accommodate up to twelve cards Offer.

The lower transmission speed for each slot that goes with it, the crypto Mining does not matter. This is precisely the background for a new, for Miner imaginary mainboard with additional hardware. Biostar has released a photo of it, that a motherboard with eight USB riser cards shows.

100 graphics cards via USB Riser

Assuming that a port per riser card is a USB input, then stay a total of 96 ports, einzuberechnen without the actual motherboard. Of course, can be transferred USB connect any graphics card, but for this there more USB PCIe Riser, consisting of a USB connection one PCIe slot for 1x plug-in card do.

Who wonders what a cryptocurrency at all and what it does with the current mining hype up, we recommend the following review article: crypto Mining - What is it and how does it work?

Since the PCIe speed has no influence on mining calculations that could Biostar motherboard So around with enough USB PCIe risers 100 graphics cards simultaneously drive. Of course, a corresponding amount of energy by multiple sources of power would be necessary, but who gets involved in the use of so many graphics cards should also have no problem. also there are also so-called ASICs for mining on USB sticks. These special chips designed for mining.

"Extreme weapon for crypto Mining"

Unfortunately, there is up to the information of Biostar on Facebook otherwise not have the "Extreme weapon for crypto Mining". So if it is only a concept or really about a coming product remains to be seen. In the comments on the Web is even joked that now because of the Miner now still could face a shortage of USB cable to the delivery problems with AMD graphics cards - after all, so need a system more than 100 of them.

Also for the expected shortly Radeon RX Vega 64 and Vega RX 56 feared some already extreme Supply shortages for release on August 14, because the mining performance of the RX Vega models to be insanely strong and apparently still are much higher than in the RX-500 series.

Radeon RX Vega - All about models, technology and price

Source: Biostar

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Steam Halloween Sale – Recommendations

The Steam Halloween Sale has started and brings players who do not feel like Halloween parties, with numerous horror games to hunt themselves the perfect shiver down the spine. But horror is not the only genre that covers the Use cannonade. For all heavily discounted games we have put together a handy overview.

In this video is to&# 39; s but go to our personal five editorial recommendations that we will spend Halloween night. Including some true classics, one with a platinum award, and a special recommendation from dear colleague Ann-Kathrin. The sale lasts until 1 November - it's worth to stop here for bargains.

Oh, and we apologize for the crooked gimmicks - this video was made late at night by two editors who obviously have too much fun with her nonsense. Happy Halloween to all!

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Page 4: Grand Theft Auto 5 – all new features of the next-gen version


Rockstar has adapted the load on the gene systems somewhat jerky and flickering GTA 5 on the capabilities of the new consoles and the PC. Although it for consoles no stable 60, but "only" came out 30 frames per second, the result for delight provides. On the PC, the frame rate expected to be higher (depending on hardware) and supports a resolution of up to 4K. Wait ... does not that sound suspiciously like Oculus Rift support?

The cockpits of all vehicles were modeled to detail for implementation.The cockpits of all vehicles were modeled to detail for implementation.

  • Increased resolution: 1080p at constant 30 frames per second on both PS4 and Xbox One, 4K-compatible PC.
  • significantly increased visibility
  • Visibility of level-of-detail effects increased.
  • increased texture resolution
  • dynamic depth of field system
  • Improved particle effects and increased number of particle effects that can be rendered simultaneously.
  • Improved wind system that affects clothing, flags, vegetation and trees.
  • Realistic fluid system including for water or blood.
  • improved weather effects
  • Volumetric lighting effects, which are, for example, smog or fog in the color of the surrounding light: Compared to PS3 and Xbox 360, there are three times the number of light sources.
  • New cockpit perspectives for vehicles with completely redesigned interiors, including functioning elements in the dashboard as speedometer, fuel gauge, car radio and display illumination
  • All characters have higher resolution textures on all clothing options and accessories, including tattoos.
  • Increased density of pedestrians on the streets with improved character models.
  • Denser traffic throughout the game world - some vehicles from GTA Online now form a part of the traffic, to increase the variety of vehicles on the roads in all areas of the map.
  • Animals now have realistically rendered fur.
  • New animals on land and at sea.
  • Improved facial animations: The characters show emotion in cutscenes better, such as blushing, etc.

additional changes

With over 150 new songs and additional voice recordings of DJs Rockstar has expanded the radio program of Los Santos properly. Radio stations can now be changed via touchpad (PS4). In addition, all TV programs and movies will now be shown in HD quality. There are also the following changes.

One of the new vehicles: The well-known from the predecessors Dodo returns!One of the new vehicles: The well-known from the predecessors Dodo returns!

  • New User Interface with mini map improvements (the edges go transparent in the game screen above).
  • The player interaction menu from GTA Online is now available in story mode to allow quick access to the inventory, setting GPS waypoints and more.
  • There are new land, air and sea vehicles.
  • Player characters can crouch while driving to avoid enemy fire now.
  • When aiming with a gun, there is now the ability to quickly throw a grenade.
  • New Drive-By-control options that allow players to aim independently and direct - both during travel as well as a passenger.
  • The head of the player character moves while driving to the music from the radio.
  • Now there are time- and weather-dependent particle effects like fog in wetlands or fireflies in forest areas.
  • Tuned vehicles remain available thanks to the improved vehicle management in the garages forever.
  • Support the special controller functions haptic Trigger (Xbox One), touchpad support for quick changing of weapons and radio stations (PS4), Controller speaker is used for calls or police radio (PS4), light bar changes color to match the character and flashes at increased wanted level red-blue (PS4)

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Trailer: The wild life in Los SantosGrand Theft Auto 5 - Trailer: The wild life in Los Santos

Page 4: Grand Theft Auto 5 - all new features of the next-gen version

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Destiny 2 – gameplay trailer introduces the lost sectors

The so-called "Lost Sectors" are hidden dungeons in the open world of Destiny 2. Who keeps his eyes open, can advance through cracks in the wall or hidden caves into huge new areas and track lots of valuable in the lost loot sectors.

called The Adventure Side missions and the NPC Devrim Kay have already been presented in trailers. Dimi was the European Dead Zone (EDZ), the new terrestrial area in Destiny 2 already play and share his experience with the Open World.

Destiny 2 will appear on September 6 for the PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24 for the PC.

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AMD Ryzen 7 1700 – The best choice for overclockers

Among the previously available Ryzen models of Ryzen 7 1700 interessantesste for overclockers processor.Among the previously available Ryzen models of Ryzen 7 1700 interessantesste for overclockers processor.

While many PC users are still waiting, according to the comments on the web to the six-core or quad cores of the new Ryzen processors, the interest in the already available eight-core models continues to be very high. Meanwhile becoming apparent that the Ryzen 7 1700 probably represents for users who want to overclock their CPU, the best choice. Reddit is a summary of tested Ryzen processors Dealer Silicon Lottery.

Almost everyone Ryzen 7 1700 at 3.8 GHz

Here the models are tested with different voltages and clock speeds and then offered with appropriate guarantee for higher cycles or lower voltages for overclocking with extra charge. When Ryzen 7 1800X the usual limit at 4.1 GHz and 1.44 volts appears to be who participate only 20 percent of all CPUs. 97 percent, however, satisfied at 3.9 GHz already with 1,376 volts.

At the Ryzen 7 1700X reach only 33 percent despite 1,424 volts, the 4-GHz mark, but all tested specimens could use 3.8 GHz at 1.36 volts stable. Only one in five Ryzen 7 1700 reached 4 GHz at 1.44 volts, but already 70 percent are stable at 1,408 volts at 3.9 GHz and 93 percent of specimens tested at 1,376 volts running at 3.8 GHz.

saved 200 euros for other components

At 3.8 GHz, the Ryzen 7 1700, at least 400 MHz above the base clock of a Ryzen 7 1800X, but costs 200 euros less whole. Because 4.1 GHz already is the limit for most Ryzen CPUs, buying a Ryzen 7 1800X hardly worth at least for overclockers.

AMD already seems to exhaust with its top of the currently possible clock rates for Zen processors with 14-nm structures themselves and to select the clock-friendly copies for the 1800X. Who is less satisfied with 300 MHz, can save the Ryzen 7 1700 200 euro and these invest in other components such as the graphics card.

Source: Reddit, silicone Lottery

Ryzen 7 1800X Tests - What does the new AMD CPU?Ryzen 7 1800X Tests - What does the new AMD CPU?

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Star Citizen Alpha 2.0: Crusader – Announced: Gameplay & information on Persistent Universe

Star Citizen - 20 mins demo gameplay for Alpha 2.0Star Citizen - 20 mins demo gameplay for Alpha 2.0

The bad news first: Chris Roberts did not want to be bound by the CitizenCon 2015 to a release date for Alpha 2.0 of Star Citizen. As part of the in-house exhibition of the head of the developer Cloud Imperium Games has announced the next big step for the playable trial version of the space simulation. Previously, but there will be a minor update to version 1.3.0 (in the next few days), which brings, among other new ship weapons and makes the buggy in Social Hub playable.

The Alpha 2.0 of Star Citizen named "Crusader" (the name refers to the playable area around a large gas planets) and brings the space battles with the shooter technology (even in zero gravity) together, playable from expected 64 players simultaneously on one server. Both elements are included in a first version of the persistent game universe. Here, players can land, get off their ships on stations and running around in the station and with Small arms shooting at each other. Multiplayer ships are playable in Star Citizen 2.0, also pirates are spawned and it is also the first missions give Roberts spoke of 38 missions. In it to fight against the AI ​​or against other players. The Multi Crew function is activated in Alpha 2.0, larger ships like the Constellation can therefore be used by multiple players.

On the subject: Star Citizen is Pay2Win?

All elements of the first version of Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 were also shown in a gameplay video on the CitizenCon. In the video, Roberts and his colleagues also show how multiple players start in different ships from one station, travel in Quantum Travel, fight pirates while occupying the turrets of a multi-crew ship. Then they go right in the space of a hunter who only fly in a space suit to a satellite while the other players watch the pilot from the cockpit of the Constellation. In the satellite, the player must then reactive one console to unlock new navigation coordinates. From there it went to a station to show the first-person shooter mode of Star Citizen, which is playable in Alpha 2.0.

Size and movement in Alpha 2.0

The complete alpha version 2.0 of Star Citizen to a playable area the size of one million, covering about one million to 200,000 kilometers. The whole area should thanks to streaming technology without loading times get along. Within this environment, the player can fly stations, repaired his ship or refuel. First, however, only the relatively small area around the planet Crusader will be made available as a playable area. But here you will have the four flight modes announced to be able to use:

  • Precise maneuvering is a sensitive control for takeoffs and landings or mining and rescue operations.
  • SCM is "Space Combat Maneuvering," that is, the normal control model in space combat, while the maximum speed is adjusted dynamically.
  • Super Cruise is significantly faster than SCM, about 1,000 meters per second. but the mode has limited maneuverability.
  • The fastest travel option is the Quantum Travel. Here the ship can no longer be controlled, but only fly straight.

Super Cruise and Travel Quantum need fuel.

Which areas are available around Crusader?

In addition to the planet Crusader (the size of Jupiter), there are other places that can be visited 2.0 in the first version of Alpha. Including the three moons Cellin, Yela and Daymar and three stations. The space station Olisar is a major transportation hub and the starting point for the game in the Alpha 2.0. Then there is the deserted security station Kareah, which became the target of data collection and to serve as a first-person shooter station. In addition, the remains of COVALEX Space Station, which was a catastrophic accident at the witching station. There should be able to find missions.

There are also eight communications satellites regularly pirates be attacked and be protected and re-enable it needs to unlock new areas or missions. An automated equipment stations, ships can also repaired, refueled and neubewaffnet.

How does the first-person shooter mode?

In the first version of the Alpha 2.0, there is the space station Kareah. There, players can land their ships and Small arms Find. The station is freely accessible, in the center but there is a data node has to be fought for. In the shown demo a group of players had inspects all other human players and then even stole the Constellation spacecraft the opponents. Probably it is the final game is not as easy to steal another player's spaceship details left Roberts in the demo at CitizenCon however open.

When will Star Citizen Alpha 2.0

More than one "in the near future" asked Chris Roberts on the CitizenCon 2015 Release of Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Do not tell. Before coming in any case nor the update 1.3.0. It however did not sound then, as would then be eligible for the Alpha many other minor updates. The contents and functions of the first 2.0 version are almost done. So a release later in 2015 is unlikely.

Star Citizen -Aegis Saber CometStar Citizen -Drake Caterpillar 01-2017
Star Citizen -Origin_85X - 01-2017

Star Citizen - View screenshots

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0: Crusader - Announced: Gameplay & information on Persistent Universe

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World of Warplanes Tests – tank battles in the air?

War Thunder vs World of Warplanes - test comparison of the airplane online gamesWar Thunder vs World of Warplanes - test comparison of the airplane online games

What is good for vehicles that can not be wrong in the air, those responsible must have thought at wargaming as she the successful concept of World of Tanks the basis of their air-combat MMOs World of Warplanes have made. Unfortunately, the bill goes only partially on, because aircraft are now times no tanks and therefore giving away World of Warplanes lot of potential. With bells and whistles like the choice of game modes and battlefields, the latest wargaming prank keeps on not so long.

Much like World of Tanks usual, it is enough if we select an aircraft model and sign us for a game. Shortly thereafter, 30 aircraft are available in two 15er teams ready to fight in the air over, and the fun can begin. Thanks to the relatively small battlefields of 15 by 15 kilometers, we are also in action in no time because, unlike in World of Tanks Aircraft can not stand still and watch each other. Therefore, the virtual air war for many hopeful amateur pilots already quickly over, because in the first minutes of the battle, the interceptor both sides decimate already belong.

Simple battle for air superiority

After the first dogfights are won the hour of powerful ground attack aircraft that do business with heavy weapons and bombs hunt strategically valuable ground targets. The surviving hunters should prevent this, because to win, our team has to either shoot all the enemies or gain the "superiority".

This we achieve, by getting more ground targets and enemy pilots destroy in a given time than our opponents. Currently, this "superiority mode" is the only game mode of World of Warplanes. The selection of battlefields covered with only almost half a dozen cards from very sparse.

World of Warplanes - screenshots Patch 1.6.3World of Warplanes - screenshots Patch 1.6.3
World of Warplanes - screenshots Patch 1.6.3

World of Warplanes - View screenshots

At the end of a match that lasts longer than 15 minutes, all players will receive experience points and game money ( "credits") for their combat performance. Anyone who has subscribed to a paid premium account gets 50 percent more credits and experience. Of the money and the experience we build improved components in our machine buy one or equal to a new plane. Some selected aircraft there are also completely as a premium flyers for real money. but these have no advantage over regular models earned - from Pay2Win so no trace.

Because, unlike in World of Tanks, turn the fighting shorter and simply apply to destroying ground targets as firings, the rise goes ahead quite quickly in World of Warplanes. In principle, this does minimalism quite fun when you are on fast, uncomplicated action. For those who have more complexity expected from an air combat MMO itself, however, remains a stale aftertaste.

Still no selection sky

At the latest in aircraft selection of the lack of size of the game is, however, a real nuisance. The five playable nations - Germany, England, Russia, Japan and the United States - just offer each about two dozen pilots from around the Second World War.

This is all the worse because even with this mini selection of such legendary aircraft such as the Stuka, the Focke-Wulf completely missing 190 or Hawker Hurricane! That for numerous exotic jet planes prototypes and experimental biplane in play, as puzzled even more.

The aircraft will be divided into World of Warplanes in three classes with different tactical tasks: Hunter, heavy fighters and attack aircraft. Hunters are agile, lightly armored machines whose task is primarily the interception of other hunters. Typically lurking hunters at high altitude and pounce on top of an unsuspecting enemy they beharken with their machine guns in a nosedive.

An enemy has survived the first attack, you go into the dogfight where the agile fighters can make full use of their Manövrierbarkeitsvorteil. Some hunters can also carry bombs for ground combat, but at the expense of maneuverability.

Heavy fighters are the big brothers of the fighters, because they are twice as large and usually have several motors. So that they reach very high speeds and thanks to the impressive armament with numerous machine guns, machine guns, rear guns, missiles and bombs, they can pretty much tackle each goal effectively. Only in the dogfight against hunters pull the thick Brummer due to its inertia usually the short straw. For that own them excellently because of heavy weaponry to shoot down enemy attack aircraft in time.

The hangar menuresearch treeEnhancement menuCrew members&# 8203;

The hangar menuIn the hangar, we quickly and easily all relevant data for our aircraft in mind.

research treeWith earned experience points we turn in the straightforward research tree free new aircraft.

Enhancement menuIn enhancement menu we buy our airmen new components. For example, a better gun.

Crew membersCrew members, as Ignatz Unverha can learn useful skills throughout their careers.

The last class of aircraft includes the attack aircraft called. They are still massive armored than the heavy fighter, and offering a stern gun not entirely defenseless against fighters. The object of the attack aircraft is to transform with powerful guns, missile batteries and thick bomb ground targets in smoking craters. In this battle planes are scary effective.

A single machine can erase unnoticed in zero time at all the enemy's headquarters with all anti-aircraft positions and ground targets. As attack aircraft are so massive they control, however, like dead cows on ice and no one should cherish the hope to survive a dogfight so healing an airplane in one.

The three classes of aircraft differ appreciably in flight and tactical applications. Especially cautious player, which the bustle of Dogfights is too stressful can take valuable services for their team with the sedate attack planes.

Unfortunately, the ubiquitous minimalism Word of Warplanes is also noticeable in the availability of aircraft classes. Only the Soviets allowed to fly into combat attack aircraft. Heavy Hunter's turn only with the Germans and the British. Americans and Japanese can only control hunters. Purebred bomber incidentally missing. Wargaming should therefore urgently increase the choice of aircraft.

World of Warplanes - tutorial video World of Warplanes - tutorial video "Flight School," Part 1

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FIFA 18 Ones to Watch – All about the stars in the spotlight in Ultimate Team

23 players are among the Ones to Watch in FIFA 18th23 players are among the Ones to Watch in FIFA 18th

In FIFA 17 saw the first black FUT cards for the so-called "Ones to Watch". In the new FIFA 18, the special cards return for "Stars in the spotlight«Back and highlight once again the most exciting players that have changed the club in the last transfer window.

By doing this year, among others, the Brazilian Neymar, who moved for the record sum of 222 million euros from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain. Even James Rodriguez and Corentin Tolisso by the Bavarians and Andrey Yarmolenko from Borussia Dortmund will receive an OTW card.

In this article, you learn which players else among the 23 stars in the spotlight, what sets the black special cards and how you can get.

Those are the Ones to Watch in FIFA 18

  • Neymar (Paris Saint Germain) - 92
  • Leonardo Bonucci (AC Milan) - 88
  • Romelu Lukaku (Manchester United) - 86
  • James Rodriguez (FC Bayern München) - 86
  • Alexandre Laczette (Arsenal London) - 85
  • Alvaro Morata (Chelsea) - 84
  • Kyle Walker (Manchester City) - 83
  • Ederson (Manchester City) - 83
  • Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) - 83
  • Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint Germain) - 83
  • Douglas Costa (Juventus) - 82
  • Federico Bernardeschi (Juventus) - 82
  • Gylfi Sigurdsson (Everton) - 82
  • Corentin Tolisso (Bayern Munich) - 82
  • Keita Baldé Diao (AS Monaco) - 82
  • Serge Aurier (Tottenham) - 81
  • Bruma (RB Leipzig) - 81
  • Nelson Semedo (FC Barcelona) - 81
  • Andrey Yarmolenko (Borussia Dortmund) - 81
  • Davinson Sanchez (Tottenham) - 81
  • Bertrand Traore (Olympique Lyon) - 78
  • Franck Kessié (AC Milan) - 76
  • Theo Hernandez (Real Madrid) - 75

Here you can see the stars in the focus of FIFA 18 at a glance.Here you can see the stars in the focus of FIFA 18 at a glance.

What makes the Ones to Watch in particular?

The OTW cards are distinguished by a special property, which no other FUT-card variant: The player value on the black special cards dynamic.

And how does it work? Once one of the stars in the spotlight in a team of the week or other special team standing and in-form rating given (thus increasing the player values), its OTW card is automatically transferred to the new record from the team of the Week customized. And with this new value then remains. So if you have a star-in-focus card, their credit rating can during the season continuously improve.

More about Ultimate TeamAll information on the Weekend League in FUT 18

How do you get Ones to Watch cards?

To get one of the coveted black special cards in your team, you have to dig deep into your virtual wallet. While the Ones to Watch could still be found in ordinary card sets shortly after release of FIFA 18, they are now only in the transfer market to find - and because each FUT player wants to have them, they are not cheap.

The next transfer window in winter there will then be a new batch of stars in the spotlight. Which players should otherwise grab her into your Ultimate Team, learn it in our products by the top 100 best players from FIFA 18th

FIFA 18 - test video: The decisive factor in the square!FIFA 18 - test video: The decisive factor in the square!

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – New sales milestone, new problems

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds has reached a new sales milestone: 20 million players have the title now.Player Unknown's Battlegrounds has reached a new sales milestone: 20 million players have the title now.

Within two months Bluehole Studios was able to double the sales of its online shooter hits Player Unknown's Battlegrounds: Was it the beginning of September 2017. 10 million copies sold, it is now already 20 million.

Has announced on his official Twitter account of the known under his pseudonym Player Unknown Irish game designer Brendan Greene. At the same time he apologized in the contribution to the continuing problems with the Battle Royale Shooter:

[email protected] reached an amazing milestone this weekend, passing 20 million copies sold!

I know a lot of you are frustrated by issues w / the game but the team is working hard to deliver a truly great Battle Royale expierence for everyone. Bear with us, change is coming!


High numbers of players to blame for problems with the server

Already in early October 2017, the development team said the high numbers of players to blame for the ongoing problems with the server to - the now doubled sales figures should not have just improved the situation. On the contrary: Currently, the integrated voice chat works in the game due external problems Not. The developers are working on a fix and recommend temporarily the use of other voice chat tools.

According to Greene are but a thing of the past, the entire problem: He asks for patience, promising that it soon "Changes" will give. The development team is working hard to provide a true Battle Royale experience for everyone.

More on this: More than 2 million players simultaneously online PUBG

Unknown Player's Battlegrounds - Gamescom-Video: Warum sind die Entwickler im Schock?Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - Gamescom video: Why are the developers in shock?

Unknown Player's Battlegrounds PUBG Wüsten MapUnknown Player's Battlegrounds PUBG Wüsten Map
Unknown Player's Battlegrounds PUBG Wüsten Map

See screenshots of the Desert Map - Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

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STAR DROP – Rescue approaches: Unfortunately, 50 years too late!

In STAR DROP we explore a verunglücktes spaceship. goes on board something to not above board.In STAR DROP we explore a verunglücktes spaceship. goes on board something to not above board.

In the sci-fi adventure Stardrop the era of commercial Space Travel dawned. First sounds adventurous. The more people fly a spaceship, the more accidents and breakdowns occur in space: As so often that there's a catch.

Here we come into play. Our task, ships in distress track. Sometimes this help comes too late. In our first mission even half a century.

Intergalactic breakdown service

In Stardrop we control Aryn Vance. The young woman is part of the initiative to salvage and rescue stranded ship wrecks and her crew. Sometimes there are acute emergencies, occasionally Aryn and her pilot John can take your time. Especially when older ships are on the program. to find survivors, applies here as unlikely. Actually.

STAR DROP - Early Access Trailer Sci-Fi GameSTAR DROP - Early Access Trailer Sci-Fi Game

But our first order leads us to a ship that since at least 50 years ownerless drives through space. And its life-support functions are mysteriously still online.

Stranger still: Someone has it all footsteps the lost ship blurred. Whoever is behind the cover-up, obviously did not want it ever found.

On enigmatic mission

In the Steam demo Stardrop we play the first story chapter. Here we first get the opportunity from the Ego View to explore the native space station and our ship. As the demo and the Early Access Trailer is thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 succeeded the graphic implementation of Stardrop.

STAR DROP - gameplay trailer for the sci-fi exploration gameSTAR DROP - gameplay trailer for the sci-fi exploration game

After a short trip with minor incidents, we reach the mysterious shipwreck. Here the demo ends. The gameplay trailer for Stardrop can but suspect already that Aryn and her Freund John there on some surprises will encounter.

More than a walking simulator

In Stardrop there is no battles. But a lot to explore. Every now and then also provide equipment on board the spirit and we need to fix it. In this ever fall off all the lights, or escaping steam complicates the orientation.

Fortunately, we have a built-in flashlight in our helmet. Their reach is limited, however. With a scanner, which as a kind Night vision device is used, we can also brighten dark corridors. However, the will automatically shut down as soon as we sprint.


See screenshots - STAR DROP

In addition, the scanner raises important objects visually appears similar to Ryders aids in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Coming at a point no further, we will probably have a power generator, a computer or security system identify and interact with it.

After the demo

Once you complete the actual story, you unlock more side missions. These may be either new challenges act or other mini-storylines on board other ships. Specifically but the developers go on not one.

Stardrop should not scare horror game will definitely stay and family friendly - at least according to the developers. However, the trailer for the game shows scenes on the abandoned ship, the more oppressive to include variety.

The androids in STAR DROP spread an unpleasant mood.The androids in STAR DROP spread an unpleasant mood.

The to be seen on screenshots robot crew sees the eerie androids from Alien: Isolation confusingly similar and thus does not provide necessarily for a feel-good atmosphere.

Stardrop a successful Kickstarter campaign has already passed. The early access phase of Stardrop starts on June 1 on Steam. A conversion for the PS4 and Xbox One, nothing is known.

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Dishonored 2: The Legacy of the mask – If Corvo to Garrett is

Dishonored 2 - Trailer: Who is Emily Kaldwin?Dishonored 2 - Trailer: Who is Emily Kaldwin?

Lyon is really a gorgeous city. On one side you will find a town with romantic flair, cozy cafés and lots of historical sights. On the banks of the Rhone and the Saone, however shimmer especially in the evening modern start-up companies, shopping plazas and art sculptures. A magical mix of old and new also. How appropriate, because the development studio that we visit in the French town knows perfectly made with combining old designs and new ideas.

Arkane Studios (Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic) invite us Germany-exclusive in a world that we have not set foot for several years. A world in which the interplay of Victorian past and highly technical equipment also plays a large role. And in which we get to see to feel eternal, impatient wait for E3 2015 finally the first gameplay. Of course, we are talking about Dishonored 2: The Legacy of the mask. And what we see, leaves us thrilled.

A touch of Texas

The head of our arcane press presentation, however, does not come from France, but from sunny Texas. Harvey Smith stands as game design veteran with years of industry experience behind games like Deus Ex, System Shock and Thief: Deadly Shadows - for Dishonored 2 he acts like its predecessor, as creative director. Means: Much of the aspects that have to do with the story and game mechanics to go on his cap. So it is perfect that he stands just answer our questions while we dive under the gameplay presentation to the world of Dishonored second

Dishonored 2
Who ranpirscht itself, can turn fatal or non-fatal enemies. Choking take much longer." data-lbx-number ="1"><b>Dishonored 2</b><br>Who ranpirscht itself, can turn fatal or non-fatal enemies. Choking take much longer.
Dishonored 2
Guards who see us directly call for reinforcements. Against other groups we have almost no chance." data-lbx-number ="2"><b>Dishonored 2</b><br>Guards who see us directly call for reinforcements. Against other groups we have almost no chance.
Dishonored 2
The beginning of the game takes place in Dunwall, which is staged just as moody as before." data-lbx-number ="3"><b>Dishonored 2</b><br>The beginning of the game takes place in Dunwall, which is staged just as moody as before.

Dishonored 2 - View screenshots

The story of the second part begins 15 years after the events of the first. The rat plagues of Dunwall are past, the young Empress Emily Kaldwin has rebuilt the country despite their traumatic childhood experiences with the support of her foster father Corvo attano and led into a promising future. Just stupid that someone peed himself as flagship Monarch sooner or later the leg. Because no matter what you do: great power attracts envious - say so, "Game of Thrones".

At the beginning of Dishonored 2 we are as a player so on the run. Emily and Corvo lose a coup their positions of power and escape from Dunwall - their path takes them into the distant land Karnaca, the so-called jewel of the South, colonial metropolis and simultaneously the new scene of the second Dishonored. read correctly: As a player, we let the Victorian, dark and rat-infested city Dunwall behind us and spend the campaign instead, in the sunny south - at least mostly. Two of the extensive campaign level continue to find place in Emily's main workshop, including the prologue in which we must escape.

Two heroes, one mission

As part of the prologue (which we unfortunately have been able to see scenes) hits the player a momentous decisionWill he take on the role of Emily or rather return to the veteran assassin Corvo from Dishonored 1? Harvey Smith comments on the differences between the two heroes with a smile: "Corvo is a dark guy paranoid. He trains Emily for 15 years in the Assassin art and is her constantly in the ears that attackers will come sooner or later that you want for the jugular. however, it has its own head and responds to their over-cautious foster father with eyes rolling. We know this, 'Oh, come on, Dad. " Nevertheless, she takes Corvos dark secrets around the time of Outsiders very seriously. "

So we as players have if we want to deny the campaign as an experienced, fierce anti-hero Corvo (by the way, comes from native Karnaca) or prefer to accompany the 25-year-old, spirited Emily through the streets Karnacas the choice. At the mission design itself nothing changes, differ only the skills and traits of the player character. Either way, our decision can not be reversed by the end of the game after the prologue in Dunwall. The campaign coincides way, a little more extensive than at first Dishonored: There are two additional missions and the areas are larger in section.

Our gameplay session in Lyon, we start in the body of Emily. The first thing we see in actual game graphics, but are not the streets Karnacas but a familiar face: Anton Sokolov, Inventor Genius, health professionals and the Leonardo da Vinci of Dishonored world. The 15 years since the events of its predecessor have dug as deep wrinkles in his face, but for Emily counts above all its function. The old doctor provided us with helpful gadgets and information while we deeply sail at the beginning of the mission under the surface in a small boat through the sewage system.

Lots to see there's not there first: leave act The dusty, old stone caverns, walls crumbling building material, through some holes in the ceiling penetrates in sunlight. A small alternative program compared to the industrial Dunwall.

Dishonored 2 - Developer Video: Welcome to KarnacaDishonored 2 - Developer Video: Welcome to Karnaca

Dishonored 2: The Legacy of the mask - If Corvo to Garrett is

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BioShock: The Collection – New patch fixes PC problems

A new patch fixes some of the problems of PC BioShock: The Collection.A new patch fixes some of the problems of PC BioShock: The Collection.

Several weeks ago, 2K Games had a patch for the PC version of BioShock: The Collection announced to fix some of the biggest current problems. Now he is ready to download.

The update allows, among other things, to adapt the FOV (Field of View), which many players had previously demanded. Developers also revised the mouse control, solved the problems with the sound playback and the desired 21: 9 support implemented.

Furthermore, it was in the remastered version of BioShock 2 overall performance improved under DirectX. 11 Here is the complete list of changes:

Patch Notes for BioShock: The Collection


  • Field-Of-View is now adjustable from 75 to 130 in the Graphics Options menu.
  • 21: 9 Resolutions are now available. UI supports 2 modes (stretch or Centered) at synthesis resolutions.
  • Resolved several graphical issues on NVidia hardware
  • New Graphics options available for lower-end machines
  • Mouse Button 4 and 5 assignments fixed
  • Mouse icon size is now adjustable and will scale with resolution.
  • Several improvements have been made to Mouse Sensitivity, Threshold, and buffering
  • Settings will no longer automatically reset on improperly shutting down BioShock
  • Speaker Mode shoulderstand now be selectable from the Audio Options Menu
  • Fixed at initialization bug with audio system.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

BioShock 2

  • Field-Of-View is now adjustable from 75 to 130 in the Graphics Options menu.
  • 21: 9 Resolutions are now available. UI supports 2 modes (stretch or Centered) at synthesis resolutions.
  • Mouse Button 4 and 5 assignments fixed.
  • Mouse icon size is now adjustable and will scale with resolution.
  • Several improvements have been made to Mouse Sensitivity, Threshold, and buffering
  • DirectX 11 performance improvements
  • Fixed several graphical issues with occlusion culling.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

BioShock: The Collection - Launch Trailer Remastered CollectionBioShock: The Collection - Launch Trailer Remastered Collection

Bioshock: The CollectionBioshock: The Collection
Bioshock: The Collection

View screenshots from the revised shooter Collection - The Collection: BioShock

BioShock: The Collection - New patch fixes PC problems

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