Red Dead Redemption HD – rumors of possible PC release

Red Dead Redemption will be released soon as a remastered version for the PC? Corresponding rumors circulating at the time in South Korea.Red Dead Redemption will be released soon as a remastered version for the PC? Corresponding rumors circulating at the time in South Korea.

Rumors about a possible Red Dead Redemption 2 there was in the past a few. Now advances an alleged HD remake the original in the focus.

The starting point of the current speculation about a Red Dead Redemption HD is a source from South Korea. There, is supposed to find a location of the remastered version in the works. can verify yourself at this time but neither the statement nor the se credibility the source.

Remastered release allegedly for PC

The first time emerged on a Korean gaming website According to the report, Red Dead Redemption Remastered be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. An announcement is reportedly scheduled for September 7 2016th Sony continues this date PlayStation Event off on the PlayStation 4 will be presented Neo.

Of the release the remastered version of Red Dead Redemption is then reportedly scheduled for early 2017th More details about what everything is about to change compared to the original, are not known.

Originally, Red Dead Redemption was established in May 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation released the third Due to the new downward compatibility features of the console, the game is now playable on the Xbox One.

Rockstar, what's that? - PC version of Red Dead Redemption would be for a win

Red Dead Redemption 2 - We analyze recent rumors surrounding a sequelRed Dead Redemption 2 - We analyze recent rumors surrounding a sequel

Red Dead RedemptionRed Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption - View screenshots

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AMD Vega – New graphics cards only in the first half of 2017

AMD Vega will be published in the first half of the 2017thAMD Vega will be published in the first half of the 2017th

AMD announced its high-end graphics chip Vega in many roadmaps for the beginning of next year, but in recent weeks there have been many rumors that spoke of an earlier date. Officially, AMD had however announced no changes to the schedule, even if it was some evidence of Vega of senior staff over again.

So graphic chief Raja Koduri had already hailed a "milestone" of the Vega-10 graphics chips in June and marketing chief Chris Hook had last made with a photo of a factory ruins of amazement as it be the place of the idea of ​​Vega here should. But hopes for an earlier release of Vega are likely to be unfounded, because for investors, AMD has set at a recent presentation to date for Vega only vaguely to the first half of the 2017th

Whether AMD is just extra careful here to make any temporal information that perhaps can not be kept or whether Vega is actually removed in extreme cases up to 10 months can not be inferred from this statement. The appointment in October 2016, which some rumors called, should now but probably be extremely unlikely unless AMD plans a surprise. Most likely, the high-end sector is still a few months alone Nvidia belong to the graphics cards around the Geforce GTX 1080th

According to rumors and leaks coming AMD graphics cards should have and Vega-10 GPU 4,096 shader units may use the fast and low-power HBM2 as video memory. Recently AMD had but removed this reference to HBM2 from the roadmaps, so that GDDR5X memory is conceivable that Nvidia used on the GTX 1080 and allowed compared to GDDR5 higher speeds.


AMD Vega - New graphics cards only in the first half of 2017

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Samsung Galaxy S8 with accessories bundle only € 529 – Mission Knockdown at Saturn

The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers first-class amenities, including high-resolution OLED display with 5.8 inches diagonally.The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers first-class amenities, including high-resolution OLED display with 5.8 inches diagonally.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is wholly objective point of view to the absolute smartphone premium class - the fleet Exynos 8895 eight-core processor, 4.0 GB of RAM, 64 GB of memory, a 5.8-inch, curved OLED with 2.960x1.440 pixels and a high-quality and also waterproof case speak for themselves. However, purely subjective scares which also belongs to the top class price a little on the purchase.

Samsung makes the mission and Price now but for a price drop. The smartphone is still made available from a quick charging station and 64 GB micro SD memory for only 529 € to 02 October inclusive of an accessory bundles. The 6.2 inches somewhat larger Samsung Galaxy S8 + costs only 629 € including the accessory bundles.

High-resolution, curved OLED

Both smartphones offer a sweeping around the display edges around the display with the high resolution 2.960x1.440. Thanks bright OLED strong image quality is currently undefeated. Also at Topklasse heard the good built-in camera that makes a classic digicam for snapshots superfluous. The operating system is Android 7 is installed, an update to Android 8 but was already announced by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8 5.8 inch OLED, 4 + 64 GB, charging station, 64 GB Micro SD, Android 7 for only 529 €

Samsung Galaxy S8 + 6.2 inch OLED, 4 + 64 GB, charging station, 64 GB Micro SD, Android 7 for only 629 €

The offers presented here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase on one of these links, we get a small commission from the provider. The price has no effect.

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XCOM 2 – The best soldiers skills

With the right skills at any of our soldiers is the one-man-army.With the right skills at any of our soldiers is the one-man-army.

Aliens enough shot, his efforts have finally paid off, the level-up is here! But in which direction it will go with our freshly baked veterans? One of two ways he must tread definitely wait at each stage more or less interesting possibilities for us.

We tried, make the most of every soldier class with our skill distribution - Of course, the fighters can also be designed differently, ultimately decides each Commander and his style of play on the final alignment of its troops.

Grenadier: The robot Schreck

  • Rip: Attacks destroy armor points
  • Support Fire: Nailed firmly opponents and lowers their marksmanship
  • Big guns: More grenades or Holo objectives: Improved team attacks against its own goal
  • Explosive mixture: stronger grenades
  • Volley: Fire as the first action possible or Shot hail: Guaranteed hit that consumed all ammunition
  • Range attack: Attack on a fire area, which costs all ammunition or rupture: Increases damage to target getroffenem

Grenadiers have two problems: They are not particularly accurate and have limited ammunition reserves. But they are our first choice when it comes to off Mechs and heavily armored opponents or at least weichzuklopfen.

That's why we choose at every level up skills that strengthen our defense against attacks on and nullify the precision problem - the high cost of ammunition we deal with a Waffenmod for free recharge (automatic charger).

To guard against any risk, it is also advisable not only to take one type of grenade, but to mix. Fragmentation grenades / plasma grenades and EMP grenades were playing to the standard equipment of our grenadiers.

Our estimate for grenadiers: useful but not absolutely necessary.Our estimate for grenadiers: useful but not absolutely necessary.

Sniper: The serial killer

  • Distance protection: Fire works with troop overview
  • Lightning-fast hands: Free gun attack
  • Death from above: Additional action to be projected from increased waiting
  • Launch zone: create fire area or Confrontation: attack all visible targets with gun
  • Calm hand: Non-move gives precision and critical strike bonuses
  • Series: Kills grant re-fire action

Snipers are the soldiers who advance the slowest and more than all the other rely on good positioning. We move the Sniper namely, it can be sniper rifle is no longer firing (piton help us later to circumvent the problem).

Only once in position, our snipers kill unerringly every enemy with high priority, for example, officers Sektoide or label support. Because must sit every shot against these opponents, we take every ability that increases our accuracy and gives us more options.

For this reason, Lightning-fast hands "and" series "were" a must for our snipers. Free attacks in series immensely help the team when it comes to quickly clarify the situation or handle troubled prey - with Blue Screen bullets even mechs!

Our estimate for sniper: In large operations always take!Our estimate for sniper: In large operations always take!

Ranger: The sweeper

  • Blade Master: More heavy Tschaden
  • Shadow Step: Soldier will not cause a fire or reflex shots
  • Storm and shot: Fire action by Sprint
  • relentlessly: Kills grant additional action
  • Inviolable: Kills grant immunity to the first enemy attack
  • Rapid Fire: Double attack with reduced precision or Reaper: Melee kills grant new melee attacks

An opponent sits in heavy cover and engaged with our team covering fire? Now is the time for Ranger! They are so devastating that we have designed completely in close combat with the sword while playing at close range.

The blade turns quickly annoying enemies like Sektoiden and strikes as good as ever, while our Ranger with the right skills themselves can not be attacked. In addition to their high mobility, which is further enhanced by melee kills.

Basically, the Ranger our melee sniper - they share even with "Reaper," the nasty series attack with the snipers. And if an opponent is nevertheless times too far away, we still have the shotgun.

Definitely take: Our estimate for Ranger!Definitely take: Our estimate for Ranger!

Specialist: The tüftelnde emergency

  • Medi-protocol: GREMLIN can use health packs
  • revitalization: GREMLIN can remove debuffs
  • Paramedic: Two additional charges for medikits
  • Covering Fire: Fire protection possible with any hostile action
  • Alertness: Automatic fire protection to movement or Guardian: Chance at double fire
  • Recovery: GREMLIN heals the whole team and removes debuffs

Without specialists and their GREMLIN drones we should go out never, but the aliens have to fight hard and our troops too valuable. And yes, in theory we would have had the opportunity while playing, train them to hackers - but healing and fire stand for us gambling hacking clear from.

Instead, we stuff the GREMLIN with so many drugs and Aufputschern as possible fully so as not to stand even after Sektopod attack with empty pockets and dead comrades. With "recovery" we bring even last the whole team at the same time back in shape.

In addition, we have improved the fire protection in all of our specialists: when enemies not only to come to make a shot, no one needs to be patched!

Definitely take: our assessment for specialists!Definitely take: our assessment for specialists!

Psi-Soldier: The Alien understanders

The Psi-soldiers, we have decided against an optimal skills distribution. They are simply too special, as we only had one just like the other trained - for each of their talents is interesting.

At the same time mentalists are not absolutely necessary, as we get the aliens with conventional weapons well under control. take psi-soldiers or any form depends entirely on the goodwill of the Commander.

Assessment: Funny, but not necessary

XCOM 2 - The most important tips for starting outXCOM 2 - The most important tips for starting out

XCOM 2 - The best soldiers skills

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Steam – This is the very last game at Green Light, Steam Direct launches

The Underground King will go down in history. No matter turn out how good or bad the racing game manager to release is: It's definitely the last game, which was filed on Steam Greenlight. This honor will not be able to lose the game.

The indie game combines racing manager, Humor, RPG elements and packages them in a apocalyptic comic graphics. More wacky title there with you also recently filed Kickstarter campaign asking for 15,000 euros for realization. There you will also need to download the alpha version. The Underground King is an example of the unusual projects, which found their way to Steam via Greenlight.

The story of Green Light

Greenlight went on August 30, 2012 to the start. The idea behind the electoral process was to let the players choose which indie titles to appear on Steam. There were respectively a qualitative and quantitative reason: the Valve staff could not handle the amount of submissions for the final itself and knew also just do not want what the players like to buy and play.

So one had been surprised by the success of titles such as War For The World Over, Evoland, Rogue Legacy, Verdun and the entire visual novel genre. It is quite possible that none of these games would have received a share without Greenlight on Steam when Valve employees had taken the decision on the release.

Eric Barone has developed a spiritual successor to classic Harvest Moon games alone. Stardew Valley was presented via Greenlight the player base, today it is one of the most successful Steam games at all.Eric Barone has developed a spiritual successor to classic Harvest Moon games alone. Stardew Valley was presented via Greenlight the player base, today it is one of the most successful Steam games at all.

Greenlight was basically a complete success: Around 10 million players have taken part in GreenLight polls 63 million Steam users to date have at least started a game that was released on Greenlight. Thousands of players probably do not know that they were filled thanks Greenlight not only with new releases, but that they were allowed to play as some real jewels that would have otherwise might not make it. Greenlight games like The Forest, 7 Days to Die and Stardew Valley have even made it into the Top 100 sales charts of Steam.

Steam Direct comes

A week off is made, followed by the new initiative Steam Direct on June 13. The last submitted Greenlight games (which include The Underground King is one) will be selected by Valve manually and checked. 3400 Games are the total, not all will actually make it to release. However, all the remaining submissions on Steam Direct may participate.

What is now is at Direct? With few restrictions, each developer a choice should really submit his game on Steam for publication, as Greenlight there are no more. Must be completed only forms, "Soon," created a -Übersichtsseite available and paid down $ 100 become. The money there but as soon as the published game has taken more than 1,000 dollars. In addition, each game from Valve is completely tested, so it really works and does not contain malicious software.

Barriers to entry so there is still very high but they do not fall out. Most of the games should have no trouble with it: According Steamspy was a game on Steam in 2016 found an average of around 6,600 buyers and generate about 25,000 dollars in sales. 100 US dollars should as little deterred even hobbyist.

Developers of the end of Steam Greenlight - Red light for Indies?Developers of the end of Steam Greenlight - Red light for Indies?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
25.6 million" data-lbx-number ="1"><b>Counter-Strike: Global Offensive</b><br>25.6 million
Left 4 Dead 2
15.4 million" data-lbx-number ="2"><b>Left 4 Dead 2</b><br>15.4 million
Counter-Strike: Source
15.3 million" data-lbx-number ="3"><b>Counter-Strike: Source</b><br>15.3 million

( December 2016 source status) View - the 25 best-selling Steam games

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Mass Effect: Andromeda in rating levels – Opinions differ widely

Mass Effect: Andromeda has in international reviews neatly take criticism. A flop, it is not yet.Mass Effect: Andromeda has in international reviews neatly take criticism. A flop, it is not yet.

With Mass Effect: Andromeda the sequel to Bioware's sci-fi adventure will be released on March 23rd. A few days before the release, the review embargo has fallen and the international magazines publish their Tests including Evaluation.

When looking at the review scores quickly becomes clear that Mass Effect: Andromeda does not extend to the class of the original trilogy, already the character editor must take criticism. The current rating average is well below that of its predecessor. Why you can still have a pathfinder in the far reaches of the galaxy its fun, explains our Gamestar test of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect: Andromeda in the press review





Attack of the Fanboy







6.5 / 10


8.5 / 10

Financial post

8.5 / 10


8.5 / 10

Game Informer


Game radar

3.5 / 5

Game revolution

3.5 / 5






8.5 / 10

Hardcore gamers

3.5 / 5







PC Gamer


PC Games

78/100 (PC), 75/100 (PS4)

PlayStation Lifestyle

6.5 / 10

PlayStation Universe



7.5 / 10






9.5 / 10



Trusted Reviews

3.5 / 5





video Gamer




Metascore (as of 20/03/2017)


Mass Effect: Andromeda - Video: So begins Mass Effect 4 (Ultra details)Mass Effect: Andromeda - Video: So begins Mass Effect 4 (Ultra details)

Breathtakingly beautiful on the PC: With alien planet as the home world of the Angara Andromeda shows what it draufhat visually.Liam and Cora are as already Ashley and Kaidan human as our first companion. Later, however, a colorful mix Alien joins them.
Main missions are nicely staged in cutscenes. Although this sometimes goes down the frame rate, the performance as a whole remains solid.

View screenshots from the PC version - Andromeda: Mass Effect

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Marvel’s Black Panther – New trailer for solo adventure with Chadwick Boseman

Welcome to Wakanda: In the new action-packed trailer Marvel&# 39; s Black Panther experienced T&# 39; challah aka superhero Black Panther (Chadwick Noseman) from Captain America 3: Civil War his first solo adventure.

Back in his mystical African homeland Wakanda he prepares for his role as the future king before, but his country no longer appears to be safe. Ulysses Claw (played by Andy Serkis) warns that the alleged Third World country Wakanda is a technical stronghold and therefore at risk. When two adversaries against T&# 39; conspire Challa as king, he receives from CIA agents Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman) support in the fight against the threat.

The cast includes Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle), Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years A Slave), Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings), Forest Whitaker (Star Wars: Rogue One), Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out) and Martin Freeman (Sherlock). Directed by Ryan Coogler (Creed).

Marvel&# 39; s Black Panther comes on February 15, 2018 in German cinemas.

For Marvel fans it goes then all of a sudden continues: Already on 26 April 2018, the new Avengers blockbuster Infinity War starts to the movies. 

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Minecraft – player builds functioning submarine

It's quite fascinating that constructs creative players create again and again in the sandbox game world of the former indie title Minecraft. Of gigantic buildings, giant calculators to do snack machines everything was almost there. The player Alex_you However the whole thing now set up the provisional crown: He has designed ado a working submarine.

the underwater vehicle, among others, from mucous, Redstone and glass Blöclen was made. Moreover Alex_you has built Glowstone blocks for lighting and Pistons for the movement. The start-stop mechanism in turn is realized by a lighter. so really not possible to control the submarine while, for the first attempt sees the whole but already quite impressive from.

Minecraft - HoloLens presentation from E3Minecraft - HoloLens presentation from E3

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition - Screenshots October update with boss battles and add-onsMinecraft Windows 10 Edition - Screenshots October update with boss battles and add-ons
Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition - See screenshots

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Mount & Blade: Warband – Patch 1.134 download

The team of TaleWorlds Entertainment has the patch 1134 for the action role-playing game addon Mount & Blade: Warbandreleased. The update refines include the general balancing in the game and fixes several bugs. In addition Mod developers get access to new features. The full patch notes can be found below.

Patch Notes for Mount & Blade: Warband v1.134

  • Rhodok Sharpshooters' iron flesh skill has been Decreased.
  • Sarranid infantry & archers now have jarids added to Their inventory.
  • Some other minor game balances.
  • Numerous game bugs of all shapes and sizes have been squashed.
  • Minor fixes to scripting files.
  • Some collision issues fixed.
  • Some operations for modders are now "fully operational",
  • Plenty of new operations and features have been added to aid our amazing mod community.

Size: 94.3 MB
Language: multilingual


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PhysX games at a glance – physics computation on Geforce graphics cards

Movable and destructible obstacles and credible movement of smoke, fog or clothes are still among the most interesting because rarely convincingly implemented graphic effects. For perfect physics effects extremely sophisticated calculations are needed overwhelm even modern quad-core processors. Nvidia has therefore taken over the company Ageia in 2008 to develop the PhysX engine and to optimize the own Geforce graphics cards. The former solution of Ageia based on a separate card that should calculate the physics in games.

Although the PhysX accelerator card was clearly superior to the calculations of CPUs in the performance, the Ageia card sold poorly. Because there was virtually no games that support PhysX. Conversely, the game developers were skeptical because there just were not many players who were willing to buy a dedicated physics card. The situation changed abruptly when NVIDIA Ageia took over. Immediately Nvidia graphics cards should replace the additional hardware. Nvidia had already opened with CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) their graphics processors previously for general calculations. CUDA is supported on graphics chips from GeForce 8-series, accordingly, this also applies to PhysX. For a better performance of the drivers allowed to park any existing second card just for the PhysX calculations.

PhysX always causes discussion because owners Nvidia marketed GPU acceleration as a benefit of its own Geforce graphics cards and Radeon locked out.PhysX always causes discussion because owners Nvidia marketed GPU acceleration as a benefit of its own Geforce graphics cards and Radeon locked out.

But Nvidia's PhysX is not used primarily for physics acceleration on graphics cards, but as middleware, the other engines like Unreal Engine 3.5 supplemented by physical effects. The calculations are accepted by the CPU, because on all target platforms (consoles, PCs with Radeon and GeForce cards) works equally, although by less effects can be shown. Although Nvidia repeatedly stressed that it is free standing AMD, CUDA and PhysX support on Radeon graphics cards, but not surprisingly, there is still no approximation: Both sides accused each other of not wanting to work together. Here, the Spieleetwickler would only make the sheer power of PC graphics cards as a physics processor to Use if they could reach all gaming PCs using a technique at least. So AMD and Nvidia brakes together to support rather than the technical development.

the competition

Besides PhysX there is the pure software solution Havok, which is used in many games as middleware and is now one of the industry giants Intel. Intel acquired Havok, interestingly, only half a year after the acquisition of Ageia by Nvidia. AMD, however, developed ATI Stream (mitterweile in APP renamed) for general calculations on their own graphics chips and supports with Bullet an open source, free physics engine, but plays virtually no role in practice. Furthermore, there is the open standard OpenCL, Nvidia CUDA support means and means AMD APP and which also enables the programming of physics calculations on graphics cards. Since DirectX 11 is available with the compute shaders also an interface for general calculations on graphics cards. Each graphics card which is DirectX 10-compatible, can be used for. Thus could be considered dominant programming interface for PC games provide long term for DirectX that physics calculations to be accelerated on both Radeon and Geforce cards alike and PhysX is looking redundant.

PhysX games

On the official list of PhysX games can be found next to some Mac games more for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation but is 3. Dominating the PC. The list of titles is much longer that calculate PhysX on the processor. The games, which are on Geforce graphics cards additional effects, we list below.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (2007)

The tactical shooter Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2is one of the few games that took advantage of PhysX based on the Ageia card before being acquired by Nvidia. The effects produced thereby are manifold: greatly increased numbers of particles in explosions and bullet holes, metal surfaces that bend at the nearby explosions and tearing textiles. But much of the effects looked as if they were easily possible even without PhysX. In the bonus level "Ageia Iceland" However PhysX can really flex its muscles. Here you can disassemble into its component parts as desired trees and buildings, materials are torn by explosions in pieces and leaves move when under fire.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 with PhysXGhost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 with PhysX
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 with PhysX

See PhysX effects - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Crazy Machines 2 (2007)

In the puzzle game series Crazy Machines make strange tasks for a headache because you have only a few predefined components available to the solution. The developer used in this fact Crazy Machines 2for physics computation and object behavior, the PhysX engine. Originally, the programmer also planned tasks with liquids for owners of the hardware card. but because the driver made difficulties, this aspect never came into the final game.

Crazy Machines 2 with PhysXCrazy Machines 2 with PhysX
Crazy Machines 2 with PhysX

See PhysX effects - Crazy Machines 2

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Silent Hunter 4 – Patch brings better graphics

Ubisoft has a second patch Silent Hunter 4 released. In version 1.2, you can look forward to anti-aliasing and a solid high graphics resolution. Otherwise, the developers have made mainly minor changes. So there are improvements in the damage model of individual ships. Overall, in this version has 15 mistakes of the past. These include Error sound or crashes in the repetitions. Before installing the update 1.2 of the language patch for the German version must be installed. With the original version of Silent Hunter 4 or with Silent Hunter 4Version 1.1 Scores and repetitions created are not compatible with the new patch version. For this, the scores automatically generated at bases work perfectly. The complete list of changes, see page 2 of this Article.

The 147-Mbyte patch can be found in our download section. We also offer an alternative link.

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FIFA 16 to FIFA 17 – Graphics Comparison of Ignite and Frostbite Engine

We compare the graphics of FIFA 16 FIFA 17 demo on the PS4. This is also a comparison between Ignite and Frostbite engine that now with FIFA 17 their way into the FIFA series hält.Wir have some players compared, including Boateng, Hazard, Müller, Ronaldo and Martial. Of the three stages of the demo we show two, the CenturyLink Field, home of Sounders FC and the Seattle Seahawks, and the Stamfort Bridge Stadium, home of Chelsea FC. Some features are missing in the demo, so you can not play in the rain about, exact times of the day can not be adjusted. A comparison which we will submit to the appearance of the retail versions. The recordings come from the PS4 versions. FIFA 16 on YouTube in 1080p60 against FIFA 17th Click here for Candyland on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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Final Fantasy 14 – Patch 3:45 brings Anima quests and more from the Palace of the dead

Final Fantasy 14 gets more content to patch 3.4.Final Fantasy 14 gets more content to patch 3.4.

Final Fantasy 14 was recently with Patch 3.4 some new features that are still being expanded with patch 3.45. Highlight the update is of course the palace of the dead. He went so far only to level 50, but now have been 150 more planes added. While the levels 1 to 100 deal with the regular story that levels turn off 101 represents a special challenge mode that will challenge even experienced players.

In line with this topic: Final Fantasy 14 - announced new expansion Stormblood

Also new with patch 3:45: Anima Weapons Quests. Three new quest lines, we can further expand our weapons. are the three quests "The future of the soul," "Serving Angelets" and "Serving Amphelices". The detailed patch notes can be found in the reference to the official website of Final Fantasy 14th

Source: Final Fantasy 14 Website

Final Fantasy 14 - teaser trailer for the second extension StormbloodFinal Fantasy 14 - teaser trailer for the second extension Stormblood

Final Fantasy 14: Heavenward
New Playable Race: Male Au Ra are large and sinewy, horns and facial scales give them a rough, wild appearance." data-lbx-number ="1"><b>Final Fantasy 14: Heavenward</b><br>New Playable Race: Male Au Ra are large and sinewy, horns and facial scales give them a rough, wild appearance .
Final Fantasy 14: Heavenward
In the course of the adventure many new characters you meet. Whether to trust this guy with the massive shoulder jewelry?" data-lbx-number ="2"><b>Final Fantasy 14: Heavenward</b><br>In the course of the adventure many new characters you meet. Whether to trust this guy with the massive shoulder jewelry?
Final Fantasy 14: Heavenward
The Au-Ra-ladies are at least half a meter less than the men and have a much more refined and graceful despite similar horns." data-lbx-number ="3"><b>Final Fantasy 14: Heavenward</b><br>The Au-Ra-ladies are at least half a meter less than the men and have a much more refined and graceful despite like horns.

View screenshots from the expansion Heaven Ward - Final Fantasy 14

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قبلت غاضبون 4 مجموعة، مفهوم باتلبورن – الاخوة في الأسلحة

الاخوة في الأسلحة: غاضبون 4باتلبورن&# 8203؛

الاخوة في الأسلحة: غاضبون 4تم تعيين غاضب 4 كجزء من سلسلة الإخوة في السلاح والجديدة IP دارفور باتلبورن: الاخوة في الأسلحة.

باتلبورنتم تعيين غاضب 4 كجزء من سلسلة الإخوة في السلاح والجديدة IP دارفور باتلبورن: الاخوة في الأسلحة.

وعلق راندي بيتشفورد، رئيس علبة تروس السرعة، على مؤتمر برايتون وضع على مصير الاخوة في السلاح براذرز فرع بالأسلحة: 4 غاضبون انها لم تعد تعمل على مطلق النار كما تكملة لالاخوة في الأسلحة, بدلا من ذلك، كان لديهم منه إلى مشروع جديد تماما، وهي التعاونية مطلق النار باتلبورن، متقدم. وكان العديد من المشجعين من اللقب بالفعل تتميز بقوة جدا عن غيرها من الألعاب الإخوة في السلاح، وهذا هو السبب كان علبة التروس في وقت سابق أشارت نواياهم لتطوير عنوان سلسلة مستقل.

منذ إعلان في E3 2011، كانت هناك أي معلومات جديدة عن مطلق النار، ولكن ظهرت في علبة التروس أحدث لعبة، مطلق النار التعاونية باتلبورن، التصاميم ذات الطابع المماثل على.

مواضيع ذات صلةوتعمل علبة التروس على "تتمة حقيقية" لالاخوة في الأسلحة

قبل كل شيء، تصميم مونتانا سمين مع مدفعه الرشاش على غرار الطابع الذي يحمل نفس الاسم من مطلق النار الإخوة في السلاح أنه في الوقت الذي وعدت تجربة فريدة من نوعها من الحرب العالمية الثانية إلى جانب شخصيات غريبة. وعندما سئل عما إذا كان علبة التروس لا تزال تعمل على مطلق النار، وقال ما يلي:

""غاضبون 4 لم يعد قضية، والحق. عمليات التنمية الإبداعية هي بمثابة رحلة. فكرة ان هناك شيئا ما بدأ في الاخوة في الأسلحة، وذلك بسبب الأحداث السخيفة التي يمكن أن تصبح باتلبورن، يثبت ذلك "."

وأخيرا، نظرا لتشابه فكرة اللعبة، لبلقبي هو 4 شخص مطلق النار مع شخصيات غريبة، كان هناك في وقت سابق تكهنات بأن العمل على الاخوة في الأسلحة: غاضب 4 بعض التأثير في باتلبورن، أكدت رسميا علبة التروس هذه الشائعات ولكن الآن لأول مرة.

باتلبورن - 23 دقيقة من اللعب من E3 2015باتلبورن - 23 دقيقة من اللعب من E3 2015

تتطلب بعض زعماء تكتيكات معينة، ولكن في معظم الحالات، فإنه يكفي لمجرد تقريع وسلم - أو تبادل لاطلاق النار." بيانات LBX-العدد ="1">على
في وضع الالتقاط، وتصل إلى عشرة لاعبين نقاتل بعضنا بعضا في ثلاث بطاقات نقاط - الهيمنة يقول مرحبا." بيانات LBX-العدد ="2">على .
بعد كل تسلق نختار واحد من اثنين (بعد ثلاثة) ترقيات، والبعض منها لها تأثير كبير على التعامل مع اللعبة." بيانات LBX-العدد ="3">على

مشاهدة لقطات - باتلبورن

{ Comments are closed } – العمالقة: المواطن كابوتو تحميل مجاني

مواطن كابوتو: في النهاية من العروض الخاصة، ورابط لنسخة مجانية من عمالقة الإرادة.مواطن كابوتو: في النهاية من العروض الخاصة، ورابط لنسخة مجانية من عمالقة الإرادة.

عمل عظيم في في نهاية مبيعات عيد الميلاد، وهناك عمالقة العمل لعبة: المواطن كابوتو للتحميل مجانا. لديك لشراء أي شيء، ما عليك سوى حساب يأجوج ويمكن بعد ذلك انتقل من خلال المنزل في نهاية الترقيات الحالية، ويجد هناك صلة حيث يمكنك إضافة اللعبة مجانا لحسابهم الخاص.

والفكرة هي بالطبع أن العملاء الاطلاع على كل العروض الخاصة لأول مرة، وربما في بعض منها. بالإضافة إلى لعبة مجانية الزوار الجدد نشجعكم على انشاء حساب مع، الأمر الذي يجعل قفزة إلى التسوق حتى وقت لاحق.

العمالقة: المواطن كابوتو أفرج عنه في عام 2000 من قبل المطور كوكب القمر استوديوهات ويحتوي على ثلاث حملات قصة الذي يمكنك التحكم في كل شخصيات مختلفة جدا - بما في ذلك العملاق مسمى كابوتو. لعبة يمكن أن تقنع من تنوعها، والرسومات الناجحة والفكاهة، ولكن ظلت دائما عنوانا المتخصصة. دعا EinNachfolger بروح الأولى Wonderist حاليا في بعض الموظفين السابقين لكوكب القمر في التنمية، ويقدم كل لاعب واحد والمحتوى متعددة. ال حملة كيك ستارتر ومع ذلك، تم إلغاؤها.

ما هو جيد لالعمالقة؟ اختبار لنا لعمالقة: المواطن كابوتو - العمالقة: المواطن كابوتو تحميل مجاني - العمالقة: المواطن كابوتو تحميل مجاني - العمالقة: المواطن كابوتو تحميل مجاني

رؤية لقطات - الأفراد كابوتو: العمالقة

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